Ancient Bald Cypress finds new ‘soleful’ purpose at Old Glory Ranch

It’s finally official, Old Glory Ranch is all ‘booted’ up! Starting in 2014, the Wimberley Valley Art & Cultural Alliance [WVACA], a local non-profit organization, started a project titled “Bootiful Wimberley.” The idea was to seek out 50 sponsors who would purchase one of the 6′ tall fiberglass boots and have them painted by local artists, then displayed for the public to enjoy. It was their way to highlight the arts in Wimberley and to enhance cultural tourism. Local sponsors and artists jumped at the chance to participate with 32 boots being sponsored in phase one, and by that September they were completed and on display for the public’s enjoyment.

 "Boot Scootin' to the Chapel" is placed on the re-purposed Ancient Bald Cypress tree stump and stand.

“Boot Scootin’ to the Chapel” is placed on the re-purposed Ancient Bald Cypress tree stump and stand.

Phase two began in 2015 completing the goal of 50 boots around Wimberley. Old Glory Ranch was eager, as a boot was the perfect fit for the 2,200 acre ranch, a premiere Texas Hill Country wedding and event venue. Old Glory purchased the boot that was then painted by local artist and WISD school teacher, Diana Weems. Various artists were selected and paired with a sponsor to get an idea of what type of artistic design they wished to incorporate onto the 6′ boots.

Talented Artist Diana Weems

Talented Artist Diana Weems

Since that time a “Bootiful Wimberley Boot Trail” map has been developed to provide to locals and tourists who want to accept the challenge of a boot ‘treasure hunt’ to see all 50 ‘Bootiful’ boots! A common scene around town is to see people gathered in front of a boot taking a ‘selfie’ photo. The boots are on display 24-7 as a part of the agreement with the WVACA.
Old Glory Ranch received their Bootiful Boot earlier this Spring and officially named it “Boot Scootin’ to the Chapel”! Artist Weems incorporated stunning details that include the Blanco River, a field of bluebonnets, an old wagon wheel, the magnificent Chapel Hall, a front gate lantern, and of course, an adorable flowergirl with one of OGR’s famed miniature donkeys!

Boot located at Old Glory Ranch gate entrance.

Boot located at Old Glory Ranch gate entrance.

Plans to build a stand for displaying the boot at the front entrance of Old Glory Ranch was put on hold after the Memorial Weekend flood shifted their focus to Blanco river clean-up efforts as it flows through a 2 mile stretch of the property. There were a lot of Cypress trees on the property that were fatally damaged in the flood with no hopes of recovering. It was then that Old Glory Ranch owner, Suzanne McCord, had the idea to repurpose one of the felled ancient Cypress tree trunks as a stand to display the boot, giving the Ancient Bald Cypress a new ‘soleful’ purpose.


Boot Scootin' to the Chapel.

Boot Scootin’ to the Chapel.

Be sure to print out a map from the Wimberley Valley Art & Cultural Alliance and stop by to see our boot located at 3633 River Road.

Unique ideas for your Texas Hill Country wedding

Every bride wants her Texas Hill Country wedding to be unique, to have a little flair that speaks of the couple, something that guests will long remember after the party. And it becomes harder and harder each year as couples try to find what speaks to them that hasn’t already been done a million times. Also remember that the ultimate compliment you might receive would be for someone who attended your wedding to duplicate your original idea at their event!
A lot will depend on what the hill country venue allows you to bring in, but the clients at Old Glory Ranch haven’t been any different from others in wanting that something unique. But, they may have come up with an idea or two that you haven’t seen before. Re-purposing something old into something new and different than its original intended purpose is a great way to start!
Try these on for size:
SIGN IN BOOK IDEAS: A backdrop of ‘state’ related postcards for guests to write a personal note then place in the mailbox for the couple to read later.
Have a print of a tree depicting the couples names and date of their event, then provide small ink pads so guests can put their thumbprint ‘leaves’ on your tree [and don’t forget to have some wipes to remove the ink].

OGR archive 1   OGR archive 1B
Perhaps, if the couple’s last name isn’t too long, have canvas wrapped letters of the last name for guests to sign.

A vintage mailbox with note cards for guests to drop in.

OGR archive 1A   OGR archive 12

DECOR IDEAS: A ‘fresh floral’ letter depicting the newlywed’s last name initial in a round bale of hay.

OGR archive 2
Instead of a traditional cake stand, why not a vintage suitcase, maybe even one of your grandmother’s to add that personal touch! Or, open a vintage suitcase for gift cards, or maybe even serve donuts as a late night snack out of a vintage suitcase. We’re sure you can think of more creative things to do with one!

OGR archive 19    OGR archive 19B

OGR archive 15
GUEST GIFTS: While they really aren’t necessary, guests do enjoy getting some kind of ‘take-away’ from your event to remember it by. Just remember to keep it simple and to be specific if the gift is for each guest or perhaps each couple and make a sign noting that.
If there’s a baker in your family, or a vendor you know and love that can make a tiny pie in a jar, or perhaps your grandmother wishes to participate some way and whips up homemade jam in a jar, add a little decor, and viola!
Another idea is to pre-bag guest gifts perhaps with a blend of the couples favorite coffee, burlap bag of peanuts, a S’mores kit for them to take home, a popcorn bar with flavored corn and bags/scoops, or even a packet of wildflower seeds. Be creative while keeping it personal.

OGR archive 6C     OGR archive 6D

OGR archive 6B      OGR archive 6

OGR archive 5      DSC_0070 Zapeda 5115
PHOTOS FOR DISPLAY: A new twist on providing family photos in a tree that is great for limited spaces, and a keepsake for the newlyweds as well.

OGR archive 4
SOMETHING BLUE: Brides are incorporating their ‘something blue’ in their bridal gowns by having the date embroidered inside, or perhaps a blue tag with the event date. Or bedazzle your wedding shoes with a touch of blue.

Pinterest Photo1    Pinterest photo 3
ASSIGNED SEATING: It’s a love/hate thing when it comes to assigned seating. Some brides insist on seating charts where they can pair couples or singles together with people they know, other brides feel that only immediate family members and the bridal party should have a reserved table. Either way, if a seating chart is involved or perhaps place cards, have fun with it!
Another use for a vintage suitcase is to have tiny tags hanging on the inside with the guests name and table number, or get a chalkboard listing tables and the guests it includes. Or perhaps a distressed window pane with table numbers an guest names detailed.

OGR archive 7
OUTSIDE CASUAL SEATING: Yet another trendy idea is to have casual seating outside around the reception area where guests can relax and visit with others. Rental companies can deliver, or you can be creative using bales of hay with covers for that rustic flair.

Seating    Pinterest photo 2
Grandmother’s tea cup or grandfather’s shaving mug filled with flowers as a cake topper

OGR archive 14
Baskets of silk flowers lining the fence to the venue

OGR archive 13
Date night jar w/wide flat wooden sticks for guests to offer ideas for a date, then drop in a mason jar for the couple to choose from later

OGR archive 17
Bride & Groom Cut-outs – maybe place along the side of the road on the way to the venue with balloons!

OGR archive 10
Lawn games – why not add some fun for cocktail hour with bean bag toss [corn-hole], ladder golf, washer toss, or other fun games.

OGR archive 11
The main thing is to keep it easy, cost effective, and stay within your theme. Tons of ideas are also found on Pinterest, Etsy or for the DIY bride, visit thrift shops, stores like Michaels & Hobby Lobby are a good start. #uniqueweddingideas #coolweddingideas #weddingideas #oldgloryranch #texashillcountrywedding #hillcountrywedding

Unique Hill Country Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

The Rehearsal Dinner is an age old tradition with just one single condition: It is held after the wedding rehearsal.  With that being said, do your best to not let planning the rehearsal dinner be what causes you stress.  It should be a time to spend with family and friends while everyone is all together at the same time.  Here are a few ways to make it as it as unique as your love is:

Help break the ice for guests who have never met while giving them a chance to interact with each other by incorporating a unique theme or activity. Think lawn games, karaoke or a hill country scavenger hunt  where the last item on the list is the location of the dinner.  Some other fun ideas are to have a murder mystery or a casino night.

Hill Country Chuck Wagon Rehearsal Dinner

Hill Country Chuck Wagon Rehearsal Dinner

Have it catered by a food truck or chuck wagon, think about having a dessert bar, fondue bar, or try a taco bar with miniature donkeys “serving” beer while a mariachi band serenades your guests.  Speaking of bars, consider changing the traditional “dinner” to a lunch or brunch ensuring that your guests won’t burn out before the Wedding Day by over indulging in food and/or (mostly) drink the night before.

Lawn Games

Lawn Games

Your Rehearsal Dinner is the perfect opportunity to get some of the toasts out of the way, present your bridal party and family with gifts,  spend time with people that you may not have the chance to at the wedding, and overall, a nice way to thank friends and family for their love and support!  Make sure to keep it as unique as your love, and your guests will remember it for a long time to come.

Miniature Donkey's with cold beverages & Mariachis to serenade your guests

Miniature Donkey’s with cold beverages & Mariachis to serenade your guests

Weddings and children, perfect storm or perfect angel?

Now here’s an age old discussion, children at weddings. Most everyone has an opinion, one way or the other. Just how tactful can you be when it comes to someone’s precious little angel attending one of the most important days of your life?

flower-girl-walking-down-the-aisle-at-a-wedding   willow-harbor-vineyard-wedding-ring-bearer-crying-ceremony-chicago-wedding-photographer-kevin-weinstein-photography

You and the love of your life are at the altar exchanging vows you’ve written especially for this occasion. You are pouring your heartfelt feelings out when all of the sudden a child starts wailing. And all eyes shift from you to the dear little one. Some brides won’t mind, others would rather avoid the questionable moment altogether.

If you are one of the brides that would rather avoid the situation how do you do so without offending? Most people will be understanding, others will ignore your request and bring them in tow anyway, yes it happens. If you do not want children at your wedding be sure not to include their name on the invitation. It is best not to say “no children allowed” but rather “adult reception,” or perhaps, “we have reserved two seats for you.” If you feel you will still have “violators” and are uncomfortable to address it personally, check to see if your venue has a room or area where children could be entertained and if they have suggestions for childcare or perhaps a children only party. Some brides have made notecards for their greeters to give to guests who show up with children that might say something like this: “Thank you for sharing in our special day. We love your children but respectfully ask that if they are noisy or disruptive that they be removed during the ceremony so we may relish this special time in our lives.” If you are providing childcare you might also add that to your notecard and perhaps a note similar to: “In order that you to fully enjoy our special celebration worry free – we have provided childcare for the evening that includes pizza and special games for your little one’s enjoyment as well!”

DSC_0075+ Rountree 72311

While some children can be ‘adorably disruptive’, others can create chaos and may even be destructive. Children want to play, period. Some parents will be extremely attentive, while others are just there for a party night out. There are stories of ring bearers and flowergirls losing it when it comes their time to walk down the aisle, because with youngsters, you never know for sure what you’re going to get! And you’ve no doubt heard other stories of wedding disasters involving the little ones such as punch being spilled on bridal gowns, broken dishware, guests tripping over them on the dance floor, finger marks on your cake or worse, and so on. All are true and no doubt have created stories for brides and grooms to share forever. Some couples get a good chuckle out of it while others wanted to handcuff the little offenders! No matter what you decide, make your wishes clear to your family members and guests.

DSC_0058+ Pool 72112

Here at Old Glory Ranch one of the perks offered is childcare for your guests little ones so everyone can enjoy your big day to the fullest.

Old Glory Ranch to rock with Lance Lipinsky for WAG

You don’t have to be from Wimberley to know Lance Lipinsky. But in order to see him performing on stage locally, you DO have to purchase a ticket for the upcoming annual Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue’s “WAGala,” then drive to beautiful Old Glory Ranch, be treated to delicious delicacies from Word of Mouth Catering, enjoy some delightful beverages, then be prepared to have your socks knocked off by an outstanding performance by a Jerry Lee Lewis re-make, Wimberley’s own Lance Lipinsky! Save the date for Thursday, October 8th, at Old Glory Ranch!

Some may ask, “who is this guy and why all the excitement?” We’ll fill in a few of those blanks for you. This daring young artist dropped out of Wimberley High School when he was a mere 17 years old and headed to the big times, Las Vegas, baby. After a few short months he auditioned for Legends in Concert in Las Vegas and was hired as a Jerry Lee Lewis tribute artist. And he took Vegas by storm! Then he discovered the annual “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender,” and the rest, as they say, is history. In his bio he says, “Not only did I not know this underground scene existed, but here I suddenly was, attending it for the first time, walking around in a daze being completely overwhelmed. I had dreamed of stuff like this and here it finally was in front of me for real. It was like seeing a ghost. This obsession with the past was always a curse and a blessing. The blessing was I got to carry it on but the curse was it’s not 1957 anymore. When I was kid, I used to go to my counselor in third grade because I would get upset that no one understood me. And here all of a sudden, my world had completely opened up to what I used to fantasize about.” And this new group of fanatics were also around Lance’s age! He then played the festival, grew a fan base, promoted himself on the internet and was booked year round.

Lance Lipinski at the keyboard

Lance Lipinsky at the keyboard

Lance grew up in the small village of Wimberley, TX. While his classmates and friends were doing homework, Lance was already honing his craft by listening to and studying his dad’s record collection of artists like Elvis, Roy Orbison, and his real hero, Jerry Lee Lewis. However, Lance didn’t just listen to the records, he actually transformed himself into that time period along the way. His strong convictions of those days gone by led him to want to focus his career towards the modern underground Rockabilly movement. But he didn’t just stop at Vegas, he landed his first TV debut in 2009 on the original Ryman Grand Old Opry in Nashville, TN, where he met the real Jerry Lee who gave Lance his blessing. Then there was the amazing opportunity to be the house band on the David Letterman Show for 5 episodes as part of their “Elvis Week” series, followed by starring in the Chicago production of the Tony Award winning musical “Million Dollar Quarter.” Next comes his own album that he is working on with his group “Lance Lipinsky and the Lovers”. To accomplish that, he is building a recording studio utilizing period equipment to garner the same sounds as in the 50-60’s era. Digital may be the modern go-to, but any true musician will tell you that there’s nothing that captures sound quite like analog.

The bio on his website, by Charlie Parker, is an amazing stroll through Lance’s young life with snippets and videos of his youthful escapades as he was learning his craft. Lance said this in the bio “The greatest gift God ever have me was acne,” he explains, “Having braces didn’t help either. That lack of confidence forced me to kind of isolate myself and just play music. So because girls were never a distraction, I just practiced music even more. It’s all I ever did. I just taught myself.” And boy did he ever teach himself! Lance has a motto, “What’s good doesn’t die.” And we’d have to agree.

Jerry Lee Lewis personified by Lance Lipinski

Jerry Lee Lewis personified by Lance Lipinsky

“I always liked Jerry Lee but it wasn’t until I started playing piano that I realized how much I under estimated him. It’s impossible to explain to someone that doesn’t play but pounding on the keys like him was an indescribable feeling. I realized that the energy in his rhythm and grooves was one of the most powerful things I’ve heard or played. Jerry Lee awakened my demons and made them dance,” said Lipinsky in the bio.

So those who want to purchase a ticket to help out this wonderful 501(c)3 Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue [WAG Rescue] come and see for yourself what all the rage is about, stroll on over to their website at for more information, then dust off those dancin’ shoes, ’cause they’re gonna get a workout!

Even though he may be playing solo at this event, to get a feel of what you’re in store for, check this out….Lance Lipinsky rocks!

To read Lance’s bio and see more about this amazing young man’s journey, visit his website here.

We will see you there!

The Knot Real Weddings feature Old Glory Ranch

We love it when we get one of our awesome weddings published in The Knot! Like this one of Sarah [Bryan] & Bruce Hallett’s wedding on the banks of the Blanco River earlier this Summer.

published by The Knot:

“Sarah Bryan and Bruce Hallett wanted a totally Texas wedding, and Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, was the perfect place to make it happen. The quiet, intimate ceremony spot next to the Blanco River and shaded by cypress trees couldn’t have been prettier, but it was the rustic barn reception venue that won them over. Sarah got married in her cowboy boots, of course, and arrived to the ceremony in the back of a 1954 pickup truck, which set the tone for a comfortable and casual wedding style. Sarah and Bruce went with a natural palette of yellows, blues and greens to match the Hill Country setting. A standout detail? For their unity ceremony, Sarah and Bruce had a unity beer. Sarah poured a beer from her home state of Texas, while Bruce poured a beer from Vermont to represent his home state. (Their advice for couples who want to do this: Pour slowly to avoid foam.) Following a barbecue and Tex-Mex dinner by Pappas Bar-B-Q—including an avocado bar—everyone danced the night away to local artist Chris Story Band wearing red, white and blue Texas party beads from Sarah and Bruce. See the sweet details, captured by Debra Gulbas Photography, here.”

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hallett

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hallett

WAGala to be held at Old Glory Ranch

It’s going to be a tail-wagging good time in a different sort of way this year at the annual Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue, [WAG Rescue] fundraiser. The WAGala is scheduled to be held on Thursday, October 8th once again at Old Glory Ranch. While the fundraiser for this 501(c)3 non-profit organization last year raised the bar featuring Hal Ketchum at the same beautiful Old Glory Ranch location, and was their highest monetary venture to date, this year’s event promises to really rock the house! We are talkin’ rockin’ folks! It’s sure to be a sell-out as one of Wimberley’s own talents, who has performed in Las Vegas and all over the USA and Canada, takes center stage for an explosive piano pumpin’ performance. You’ll probably want to dust off your boogie shoes for this one! You’re curious aren’t you? Now we could go on and on and tell you more about this amazing event, and we certainly will, at a later date [although you might find a hint somewhere around this blog if you’re really observant]! Otherwise, you’ll just have to hold on to your britches for another blog – soon to come!
What we do want to let you know is about the equally amazing six-year-old WAG Rescue organization and all it does for our four legged furry canine friends to help find their perfect human. The WAG Rescue dream and ultimate goal is a noble one, a real brick and mortar no-kill facility that would serve as a temporary refuge for the ceaseless number of abandoned and unclaimed dogs and puppies in the Wimberley and western Hays County area. To date they have found forever homes for over 630 canines of various sizes and ages and also returned hundreds of ‘found dogs to their lost owners’. It’s a very worthwhile project and you can play a part, big or small! All this takes is people like you, who care about animals, reaching inside their wallets and tossing a little cash-ola in the general direction of WAG Rescue, and they make it pretty easy! Just click here, fill in a few lines and dollar amount and viola!, you’ve just helped save a dog! Or maybe you would like to consider being a foster parent for a dog while their forever human is located, that’s pretty easy, too! And if you have some spare time on your hands and would like to help in another way by volunteering, well, hot dog! they can help you solve that problem, too! See, WAG Rescue is here to help you as well as their canine friends. We’ll make it super simple for you, click here, find the area you want to help and you’re done, not to mention how great you’ll feel knowing you’ve just helped out.
And just to give you a little visual to help click that button, watch this heart-touching video to see what WAG Rescue is all about. We double-dog-dare-ya!
Tickets will go on sale soon for the upcoming ‘SURE TO KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF AND GET YOUR FEET A’MOVIN’ WAGala, stay tuned so you don’t miss out!

Rockin’ the Recovery still accepting donations

Mother Nature probably had a bit of an impact on the turnout for the June 20th concert, Rockin’ the Recovery, held at Old Glory Ranch to benefit the Wimberley Memorial Weekend flood victims. Still, over $25,000 was raised and donated to My Neighbors Keepers who handles the distribution of funds. You can still help reach the original $35,000 goal as the account remains open for those who may have been unable to attend but still wish to donate to friends and neighbors in great need. Click here for a direct link to the site.

IMG_0934+Sarah IMG_0918+Broken Glass IMG_0974 IMG_0968+Rust Tones IMG_0957+Trio DSC_0316+BordenSarah Jarosz headlined the event and brought the house to their feet with a special acapella rendition of ‘Down to the River ‘ joined by Shake Russell & Kim Miller. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as those attending sang along with this soul felt selection. It was a time of healing. Jarosz, along with a tremendous lineup of volunteer musicians played their hearts out all evening while other volunteers provided a variety of food and beverage options for attendees to enjoy.

Click here to see a clip of Sarah playing: Sarah Jarosz benefit concert clip

Any monetary amount, large or small, stays locally and will be greatly appreciated by those impacted by the flood. Go to–the-Recovery.html to donate.



“Rockin’ the Recovery” benefit for Wimberley flood victims at Old Glory Ranch

Old Glory Ranch, in conjunction with My Neighbors Keepers (MYNK), will be hosting a benefit concert,Rockin’ the Recovery,” on Saturday, June 20th where all proceeds will go to benefit Wimberley flood victims. It will be a full afternoon and evening of live music, great food with area musicians and food vendors donating their talents for everyone’s enjoyment and to aid those affected by the Memorial Weekend flood. Headlining the event is Wimberley’s own Sarah Jarosz.

Sarah Sarah Jarosz

“I remember Sarah performing on the Old Glory Ranch stage when she was 10 years old,” said Suzanne McCord, owner of Old Glory Ranch. “She is an amazing young woman and a very gifted musician. We couldn’t be more thrilled that she is coming back to Old Glory to perform for this benefit. We know Wimberley has been on her heart during this very difficult time and it will be wonderful to welcome her home to contribute in such a beautiful way to help the people of this community. Who knows, maybe she will be inspired to write a song about the strength and resilience of her hometown friends and neighbors.”

Sarah Jarosz 5A - 12-2011  057  Sarah Jarosz 3A - 12-2011  056

A young Sarah and her mother Mary perform at an Old Glory Ranch concert

Jarosz earned her credibility in the world where contemporary folk, Americana and roots music intersect. She has appeared twice on Austin City Limits and also on the BBC’s Transatlantic Sessions as well as A Prairie Home Companion, eTown, Acoustic Cafe and Mountain Stage. In 2014, she made her late night television debut on Conan, followed a day later by an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. These two appearances happened while she was in Los Angeles to attend the Grammy awards for her two nominations for Best Folk Album (2013’s Build Me Up From Bones) and Best American Roots Song (for the title track). Her first album, Song Up In Her Head, yielded a Grammy nomination for her instrumental Mansinneedof. Jarosz has also been nominated for Americana Music Associations Honors and Awards for New/Emerging Artist of the Year (2010), Instrumentalist of the Year (2011), Song of the Year (2012 for Come Around from Follow Me Down) and Album of the Year (2014).

Other groups in the lineup include Shake Russell, Kim Miller, Jill Jones & 3 Hands High, Broken Glass, Heather Wiley, Michael Shane Borden, The Rust Tones, and T-Bone & the Blues Tones. Performances on multiple stages and food trucks will be on site with delicious offerings as well as beverages (no outside food or beverages please).

profile 1

All proceeds will go directly to My Neighbors Keepers, a 501(c)3 non profit offering immediate, short-term financial assistance to residents of the Wimberley Valley affected by natural disasters, such as flooding or fire.

Tickets are available online at three different levels, $75 per person for VIP Reserved Main Stage [limited number available], $25 per person for Main Stage Open Seating [limited number available but guaranteed a seat], and $15 per person General Admission [outdoor seating]. To order your tickets click My Neighbors Keepers to be directed to their website.

#rockintherecovery  #wimberleystrong  #wimberleyflood2015  #oldgloryranch  #myneighborskeepers

See Jarosz Build Me Up From Bones video here.

Old Glory Ranch on Jenna Lee’s mind while hanging flag

Old Glory Ranch Alum, Jenna Lee, with FOX News Happening Now, checked one thing off her bucket list while hanging the 90’x60′ old glory atop the George Washington bridge over Memorial Day weekend. But her thoughts drifted to Wimberley and Old Glory Ranch as an epic flood ravaged through the small Texas Hill Country town.

Read more about her experience here – Jenna Lee