Weddings and children, perfect storm or perfect angel?

Now here’s an age old discussion, children at weddings. Most everyone has an opinion, one way or the other. Just how tactful can you be when it comes to someone’s precious little angel attending one of the most important days of your life?

flower-girl-walking-down-the-aisle-at-a-wedding   willow-harbor-vineyard-wedding-ring-bearer-crying-ceremony-chicago-wedding-photographer-kevin-weinstein-photography

You and the love of your life are at the altar exchanging vows you’ve written especially for this occasion. You are pouring your heartfelt feelings out when all of the sudden a child starts wailing. And all eyes shift from you to the dear little one. Some brides won’t mind, others would rather avoid the questionable moment altogether.

If you are one of the brides that would rather avoid the situation how do you do so without offending? Most people will be understanding, others will ignore your request and bring them in tow anyway, yes it happens. If you do not want children at your wedding be sure not to include their name on the invitation. It is best not to say “no children allowed” but rather “adult reception,” or perhaps, “we have reserved two seats for you.” If you feel you will still have “violators” and are uncomfortable to address it personally, check to see if your venue has a room or area where children could be entertained and if they have suggestions for childcare or perhaps a children only party. Some brides have made notecards for their greeters to give to guests who show up with children that might say something like this: “Thank you for sharing in our special day. We love your children but respectfully ask that if they are noisy or disruptive that they be removed during the ceremony so we may relish this special time in our lives.” If you are providing childcare you might also add that to your notecard and perhaps a note similar to: “In order that you to fully enjoy our special celebration worry free – we have provided childcare for the evening that includes pizza and special games for your little one’s enjoyment as well!”

DSC_0075+ Rountree 72311

While some children can be ‘adorably disruptive’, others can create chaos and may even be destructive. Children want to play, period. Some parents will be extremely attentive, while others are just there for a party night out. There are stories of ring bearers and flowergirls losing it when it comes their time to walk down the aisle, because with youngsters, you never know for sure what you’re going to get! And you’ve no doubt heard other stories of wedding disasters involving the little ones such as punch being spilled on bridal gowns, broken dishware, guests tripping over them on the dance floor, finger marks on your cake or worse, and so on. All are true and no doubt have created stories for brides and grooms to share forever. Some couples get a good chuckle out of it while others wanted to handcuff the little offenders! No matter what you decide, make your wishes clear to your family members and guests.

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Here at Old Glory Ranch one of the perks offered is childcare for your guests little ones so everyone can enjoy your big day to the fullest.

The Knot Real Weddings feature Old Glory Ranch

We love it when we get one of our awesome weddings published in The Knot! Like this one of Sarah [Bryan] & Bruce Hallett’s wedding on the banks of the Blanco River earlier this Summer.

published by The Knot:

“Sarah Bryan and Bruce Hallett wanted a totally Texas wedding, and Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, was the perfect place to make it happen. The quiet, intimate ceremony spot next to the Blanco River and shaded by cypress trees couldn’t have been prettier, but it was the rustic barn reception venue that won them over. Sarah got married in her cowboy boots, of course, and arrived to the ceremony in the back of a 1954 pickup truck, which set the tone for a comfortable and casual wedding style. Sarah and Bruce went with a natural palette of yellows, blues and greens to match the Hill Country setting. A standout detail? For their unity ceremony, Sarah and Bruce had a unity beer. Sarah poured a beer from her home state of Texas, while Bruce poured a beer from Vermont to represent his home state. (Their advice for couples who want to do this: Pour slowly to avoid foam.) Following a barbecue and Tex-Mex dinner by Pappas Bar-B-Q—including an avocado bar—everyone danced the night away to local artist Chris Story Band wearing red, white and blue Texas party beads from Sarah and Bruce. See the sweet details, captured by Debra Gulbas Photography, here.”

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hallett

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hallett

WAGala to be held at Old Glory Ranch

It’s going to be a tail-wagging good time in a different sort of way this year at the annual Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue, [WAG Rescue] fundraiser. The WAGala is scheduled to be held on Thursday, October 8th once again at Old Glory Ranch. While the fundraiser for this 501(c)3 non-profit organization last year raised the bar featuring Hal Ketchum at the same beautiful Old Glory Ranch location, and was their highest monetary venture to date, this year’s event promises to really rock the house! We are talkin’ rockin’ folks! It’s sure to be a sell-out as one of Wimberley’s own talents, who has performed in Las Vegas and all over the USA and Canada, takes center stage for an explosive piano pumpin’ performance. You’ll probably want to dust off your boogie shoes for this one! You’re curious aren’t you? Now we could go on and on and tell you more about this amazing event, and we certainly will, at a later date [although you might find a hint somewhere around this blog if you’re really observant]! Otherwise, you’ll just have to hold on to your britches for another blog – soon to come!
What we do want to let you know is about the equally amazing six-year-old WAG Rescue organization and all it does for our four legged furry canine friends to help find their perfect human. The WAG Rescue dream and ultimate goal is a noble one, a real brick and mortar no-kill facility that would serve as a temporary refuge for the ceaseless number of abandoned and unclaimed dogs and puppies in the Wimberley and western Hays County area. To date they have found forever homes for over 630 canines of various sizes and ages and also returned hundreds of ‘found dogs to their lost owners’. It’s a very worthwhile project and you can play a part, big or small! All this takes is people like you, who care about animals, reaching inside their wallets and tossing a little cash-ola in the general direction of WAG Rescue, and they make it pretty easy! Just click here, fill in a few lines and dollar amount and viola!, you’ve just helped save a dog! Or maybe you would like to consider being a foster parent for a dog while their forever human is located, that’s pretty easy, too! And if you have some spare time on your hands and would like to help in another way by volunteering, well, hot dog! they can help you solve that problem, too! See, WAG Rescue is here to help you as well as their canine friends. We’ll make it super simple for you, click here, find the area you want to help and you’re done, not to mention how great you’ll feel knowing you’ve just helped out.
And just to give you a little visual to help click that button, watch this heart-touching video to see what WAG Rescue is all about. We double-dog-dare-ya!
Tickets will go on sale soon for the upcoming ‘SURE TO KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF AND GET YOUR FEET A’MOVIN’ WAGala, stay tuned so you don’t miss out!

Rockin’ the Recovery still accepting donations

Mother Nature probably had a bit of an impact on the turnout for the June 20th concert, Rockin’ the Recovery, held at Old Glory Ranch to benefit the Wimberley Memorial Weekend flood victims. Still, over $25,000 was raised and donated to My Neighbors Keepers who handles the distribution of funds. You can still help reach the original $35,000 goal as the account remains open for those who may have been unable to attend but still wish to donate to friends and neighbors in great need. Click here for a direct link to the site.

IMG_0934+Sarah IMG_0918+Broken Glass IMG_0974 IMG_0968+Rust Tones IMG_0957+Trio DSC_0316+BordenSarah Jarosz headlined the event and brought the house to their feet with a special acapella rendition of ‘Down to the River ‘ joined by Shake Russell & Kim Miller. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as those attending sang along with this soul felt selection. It was a time of healing. Jarosz, along with a tremendous lineup of volunteer musicians played their hearts out all evening while other volunteers provided a variety of food and beverage options for attendees to enjoy.

Click here to see a clip of Sarah playing: Sarah Jarosz benefit concert clip

Any monetary amount, large or small, stays locally and will be greatly appreciated by those impacted by the flood. Go to–the-Recovery.html to donate.



Old Glory Ranch on Jenna Lee’s mind while hanging flag

Old Glory Ranch Alum, Jenna Lee, with FOX News Happening Now, checked one thing off her bucket list while hanging the 90’x60′ old glory atop the George Washington bridge over Memorial Day weekend. But her thoughts drifted to Wimberley and Old Glory Ranch as an epic flood ravaged through the small Texas Hill Country town.

Read more about her experience here – Jenna Lee


Wimberley flood victims benefit at Old Glory Ranch

Just one more way to help Wimberley flood victims. You won’t want to miss this! Benefit concert at Old Glory Ranch on Saturday, June 20, featuring SARAH JAROSZ, SHAKE RUSSELL, KIM MILLER and MORE! A joint effort of Old Glory Ranch and My Neighbors Keepers…ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BENEFIT LOCAL VICTIMS! Great music, yummy BBQ by Papa D’s and more! Help us spread the word! For more information visit:

RR#2 white border

Alternate Flood Route to Old Glory Ranch

While the Memorial Day flood waters have left a trail of destruction in Wimberley and surrounding areas, we still have wedding bells to ring, couples getting married, and tours to provide! We are fully open for business, and fortunately our beautiful Chapel Hall, along with all our animals and staff were spared. Our phone lines are still down as of this posting [6/1/15], so email is the best way to communicate. You can use either of the following: [email protected] or [email protected].

Also, with River Road being closed we wish to provide you with the alternate flood route to Old Glory Ranch to get you there safely. The main bridge leading into Wimberley suffered damage but is open. It is down to one lane guided by traffic lights at either end. Please expect delays and plan accordingly. We also ask that join us in prayer for our community and the families who have suffered such great loss.


FOX News Interview – Wimberley Flood of 2015

Many of you have probably heard about the epic Wimberley flood of 2015 that has devastated our tiny Wimberley, TX community. We have been inundated with texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls wondering about Old Glory Ranch and how we fared through the storm. We thank all of those who have reached out to us, it means so much. Rest assured, we are fine.

Suzanne McCord, owner of Old Glory Ranch, was interviewed by Jenna Lee with the national FOX News – Happening Now program. Lee is a former OGR bride.

You can hear the entire interview here:

Texas flood survivor on ‘wall of water’ | Fox News Video

Please continue to pray for our community, those missing, and those who have suffered such great loss.

Once an OGR alum, you’re part of the family!

We’re all family here at Old Glory Ranch. Once you are a bride, groom, parent of a bride or groom, or wedding party member, you automatically become part of the Old Glory Ranch family. So what does that mean? Well, once the celebration is over, the sparklers have fizzled out, the cake is gone, you’re back home from the honeymoon or back to the daily grind, then what, you ask?

We have an old adage here, after your wedding you not only gain a new family that you married into, you also become a part of ours. And, here’s the funny part, apparently we can’t get enough of you because we invite you back for yet another party to relive the one you had! Over and over again. It’s just something we do.

We had a great turnout for our 2015 Old Glory Ranch Alumni party this past weekend! Mother Nature cooperated with beautiful weather for playing on the Sport Court and dining to delicious nom-nom from Sullivan Street Catering under the stars on the Patio. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and catch up on all their life changes since being married at Old Glory Ranch. Each former client had wonderful comments to share with us and other alums, making us love what we do even more! We always look forward to these gatherings and our alums have voiced that they do too! So, having just wrapped up our the party, we wanted to share a few photos that were snapped and some interesting comments we heard from our alum members.

Heidi [Gass] Marburger with parents Jerry & Jan.

Heidi [Gass] Marburger and parents Jerry & Jan.

Heidi [Gass] Marburger [1/4/14] – “We don’t know of any other venue in the world that throws a party for former brides and grooms after their event. Normally after you pay them for their services, you’re done. As a matter of fact, if I had any one thing I could do-over in my life, my wedding day would be the one I would choose, only I would add at least another hour!”

Lots of laughter, sharing of stories, and even future plans were made at the alumni gathering. It was wonderful to see couples making new friends and sharing that one thing they all had in common, having their wedding at Old Glory Ranch.

Tracy [Walker] McCameron [6/26/10] – “I remember when the doors of the Chapel flew open and I saw Daniel standing at the altar my legs began shaking, I couldn’t believe it was really happening. It was magical.”

Tracy [Walker] & Daniel McCameron [6/26/10].

Tracy [Walker] & Daniel McCameron [6/26/10].

Alums Liz Danna, Samantha [Ruiz] Danna [2/22/14], and Jason & Susan Mercer [9/13/03] get acquainted.

Alums Liz Danna, Samantha [Ruiz] Danna [2/22/14], and Jason & Susan Mercer [9/13/03] get acquainted.


Gail [Law] Newlin [5/29/09], and her flowergirl Page, visit with the mini celebrity Christopher.

Gail [Law] Newlin [5/29/09], and her flowergirl Page, visit with the mini celebrity Christopher.

An unexpected guest, Christopher Columbus, even crashed the party!

An unexpected guest, Christopher Columbus, even crashed the party!

It was a wonderful mix of people. Alums that were married as early as 1997 and as recent as December 2014 were present.

If you were married or part of a wedding party at Old Glory Ranch, and want to be included in our next Alumni event, please send your current contact information to us and we will be happy to include you! You can email to: [email protected] or call us at 512-847-3646.

Best Hill Country Wedding Venue commercial to air

As one of the most recognized Texas Hill Country Wedding venues, Old Glory Ranch is pleased to share with you their ‘soon to be aired’ television commercial. They were selected by American Media Distribution to participate in their research project which resulted in the production of a 30 second television spot.

Click text to right to view video –> “Old Glory Ranch commercial“.


Whether you are looking for a ranch wedding, rustic wedding, elegant wedding, country wedding, or corporate event venue, wow your guests and work associates by letting Old Glory Ranch host your next event.

Take advantage of their years of experience in producing memorable events that your family, friends and work associates will be talking about for year to come as “the best event ever”! The experienced Old Glory Ranch full-service staff is trained to help assure your event is executed to perfection. Their professional On-Site Managers will provide attention to each and every detail and are equipped use their expertise to problem solve behind-the-scene and to find and implement a workable solution for unexpected scenarios.

For your next event, why not put your trust in the experienced and capable hands of Old Glory Ranch so you can sit back, relax and enjoy time celebrating your special occasion with family and friends. You won’t regret it!