It is July, 1935.  Lady Edytha Kemp has invited a select group of close friends and family members to Kemp Manor, her comfortable and roomy home near the little English village of Winchester, to celebrate St. Swithin’s Day.

Kemp Manor becomes a hive of activity, with Lady Edytha and her guests celebrating the holiday with luxurious feasts, card games, and phonographs.  The highlight of the event is at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, when Lady Edytha leads her guests into the garden to drink tea, snack on cucumber sandwiches, and predict the weather, as is the custom on St. Swithin’s Day.

The celebration in the garden turns to dismay, however, when your hostess suddenly takes ill and collapses in the midst of the garden.  Moments later, she has died, and it soon becomes obvious that she has been poisoned!  Everyone is a suspect, and the local authorities have ordered that all of the guests remain at Kemp Manor for questioning, and have brought in a number of famous detectives to help with the case.  The murderer is amongst you, and it could be anyone…even you!

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