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old glory ranch

The Story

The Scenario:
It is 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Prohibition is in full force, and some of the city’s less savory citizens have taken advantage of it by selling booze on the black market. Crime is on the rise, and the police can barely keep up with it. The city’s most wealthy businessman is Johnny Costello, a suave restaurateur who is rumored to have his hands deep in the illegal hooch network, not to mention gambling and prostitution. A number of men who have opposed Costello’s interest have been found assassinated.
Costello’s powerful grip on Chicago ended this morning. As he was leaving the Drake Hotel with his usual entourage of associates and bodyguards, several shots were heard and Costello fell to the sidewalk, killed by an unseen murderer. Pandemonium broke out, but in all the confusion the authorities were unable to ascertain the identity of the shooter, nor were they even able to find the murder weapon. Taking the law into their own hands, Costello’s men have “invited” some of his closest friends and associates to the Stolen Hearts Club in hopes of solving his murder.
Johnny Costello’s murderer is in your midst, and it could be anyone…even you!
18+ audience for adult innuendo and language

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