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The Story

You have been invited to celebrate All Hallows Eve at a weekend party thrown by the famous inventor and scientist, Dr. Jacques DeRapier, at Kirkoswald Keep, his sprawling Transylvanian castle estate. The Keep’s reputation precedes its owner’s, and there are rumors that DeRapier’s late ancestors haunt its corridors.

On Halloween night, a delicious banquet is prepared, and Dr. DeRapier’s guests assemble in the dining room, awaiting the entrance of their host. The jovial atmosphere turns to one of terror, however, when a bloodcurdling scream is heard throughout the castle: Dr. DeRapier has been murdered, stabbed viciously through the throat and left to die on his study floor!

It will be up to you and your fellow guests to assemble the clues, interview the suspects, and decide who among you is the murderer…it might even be you!

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Our last Murder Mystery Dinner of 2018 will be on December 7th & 8th!