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The Story

You have been invited by B.B. Blitzen and his wife Mathilda to attend their lavish holiday party at their space brownstone in New York City.  The Blitzens’ party is an annual tradition on Christmas Eve, and many of B.B.’s employees are invited, as well as a number of Blitzen family members.  B.B. is the president of Blitzen Toys, known for the design and distribution of toys throughout the world.  B.B. inherited the family business from his late brother, and it has slowly grown into one of the most successful toy companies in the country.

On Christmas Eve, B.B.’s employees and family members assemble in the spacious hallway of his luxurious brownstone, sipping cocktails, listening to carols, and admiring the Blitzens’ twenty-foot-tall Christmas tree.  Not long after the party begins, B.B. excuses himself from the festivities and goes to his study.  Moments later, the merriment turns to tragedy when an explosion rocks the brownstone, and B.B. is killed in the blast.  It soon becomes apparent that the bomb was planted by one of his guests…and it might even be you!

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