Old Glory Ranch to rock with Lance Lipinsky for WAG

You don’t have to be from Wimberley to know Lance Lipinsky. But in order to see him performing on stage locally, you DO have to purchase a ticket for the upcoming annual Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue’s “WAGala,” then drive to beautiful Old Glory Ranch, be treated to delicious delicacies from Word of Mouth Catering, enjoy some delightful beverages, then be prepared to have your socks knocked off by an outstanding performance by a Jerry Lee Lewis re-make, Wimberley’s own Lance Lipinsky! Save the date for Thursday, October 8th, at Old Glory Ranch!

Some may ask, “who is this guy and why all the excitement?” We’ll fill in a few of those blanks for you. This daring young artist dropped out of Wimberley High School when he was a mere 17 years old and headed to the big times, Las Vegas, baby. After a few short months he auditioned for Legends in Concert in Las Vegas and was hired as a Jerry Lee Lewis tribute artist. And he took Vegas by storm! Then he discovered the annual “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender,” and the rest, as they say, is history. In his bio he says, “Not only did I not know this underground scene existed, but here I suddenly was, attending it for the first time, walking around in a daze being completely overwhelmed. I had dreamed of stuff like this and here it finally was in front of me for real. It was like seeing a ghost. This obsession with the past was always a curse and a blessing. The blessing was I got to carry it on but the curse was it’s not 1957 anymore. When I was kid, I used to go to my counselor in third grade because I would get upset that no one understood me. And here all of a sudden, my world had completely opened up to what I used to fantasize about.” And this new group of fanatics were also around Lance’s age! He then played the festival, grew a fan base, promoted himself on the internet and was booked year round.

Lance Lipinski at the keyboard

Lance Lipinsky at the keyboard

Lance grew up in the small village of Wimberley, TX. While his classmates and friends were doing homework, Lance was already honing his craft by listening to and studying his dad’s record collection of artists like Elvis, Roy Orbison, and his real hero, Jerry Lee Lewis. However, Lance didn’t just listen to the records, he actually transformed himself into that time period along the way. His strong convictions of those days gone by led him to want to focus his career towards the modern underground Rockabilly movement. But he didn’t just stop at Vegas, he landed his first TV debut in 2009 on the original Ryman Grand Old Opry in Nashville, TN, where he met the real Jerry Lee who gave Lance his blessing. Then there was the amazing opportunity to be the house band on the David Letterman Show for 5 episodes as part of their “Elvis Week” series, followed by starring in the Chicago production of the Tony Award winning musical “Million Dollar Quarter.” Next comes his own album that he is working on with his group “Lance Lipinsky and the Lovers”. To accomplish that, he is building a recording studio utilizing period equipment to garner the same sounds as in the 50-60’s era. Digital may be the modern go-to, but any true musician will tell you that there’s nothing that captures sound quite like analog.

The bio on his website, by Charlie Parker, is an amazing stroll through Lance’s young life with snippets and videos of his youthful escapades as he was learning his craft. Lance said this in the bio “The greatest gift God ever have me was acne,” he explains, “Having braces didn’t help either. That lack of confidence forced me to kind of isolate myself and just play music. So because girls were never a distraction, I just practiced music even more. It’s all I ever did. I just taught myself.” And boy did he ever teach himself! Lance has a motto, “What’s good doesn’t die.” And we’d have to agree.

Jerry Lee Lewis personified by Lance Lipinski

Jerry Lee Lewis personified by Lance Lipinsky

“I always liked Jerry Lee but it wasn’t until I started playing piano that I realized how much I under estimated him. It’s impossible to explain to someone that doesn’t play but pounding on the keys like him was an indescribable feeling. I realized that the energy in his rhythm and grooves was one of the most powerful things I’ve heard or played. Jerry Lee awakened my demons and made them dance,” said Lipinsky in the bio.

So those who want to purchase a ticket to help out this wonderful 501(c)3 Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue [WAG Rescue] come and see for yourself what all the rage is about, stroll on over to their website at www.wimberleywagrescue.org for more information, then dust off those dancin’ shoes, ’cause they’re gonna get a workout!

Even though he may be playing solo at this event, to get a feel of what you’re in store for, check this out….Lance Lipinsky rocks!

To read Lance’s bio and see more about this amazing young man’s journey, visit his website here.

We will see you there!

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