WAGala to be held at Old Glory Ranch

It’s going to be a tail-wagging good time in a different sort of way this year at the annual Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue, [WAG Rescue] fundraiser. The WAGala is scheduled to be held on Thursday, October 8th once again at Old Glory Ranch. While the fundraiser for this 501(c)3 non-profit organization last year raised the bar featuring Hal Ketchum at the same beautiful Old Glory Ranch location, and was their highest monetary venture to date, this year’s event promises to really rock the house! We are talkin’ rockin’ folks! It’s sure to be a sell-out as one of Wimberley’s own talents, who has performed in Las Vegas and all over the USA and Canada, takes center stage for an explosive piano pumpin’ performance. You’ll probably want to dust off your boogie shoes for this one! You’re curious aren’t you? Now we could go on and on and tell you more about this amazing event, and we certainly will, at a later date [although you might find a hint somewhere around this blog if you’re really observant]! Otherwise, you’ll just have to hold on to your britches for another blog – soon to come!
What we do want to let you know is about the equally amazing six-year-old WAG Rescue organization and all it does for our four legged furry canine friends to help find their perfect human. The WAG Rescue dream and ultimate goal is a noble one, a real brick and mortar no-kill facility that would serve as a temporary refuge for the ceaseless number of abandoned and unclaimed dogs and puppies in the Wimberley and western Hays County area. To date they have found forever homes for over 630 canines of various sizes and ages and also returned hundreds of ‘found dogs to their lost owners’. It’s a very worthwhile project and you can play a part, big or small! All this takes is people like you, who care about animals, reaching inside their wallets and tossing a little cash-ola in the general direction of WAG Rescue, and they make it pretty easy! Just click here, fill in a few lines and dollar amount and viola!, you’ve just helped save a dog! Or maybe you would like to consider being a foster parent for a dog while their forever human is located, that’s pretty easy, too! And if you have some spare time on your hands and would like to help in another way by volunteering, well, hot dog! they can help you solve that problem, too! See, WAG Rescue is here to help you as well as their canine friends. We’ll make it super simple for you, click here, find the area you want to help and you’re done, not to mention how great you’ll feel knowing you’ve just helped out.
And just to give you a little visual to help click that button, watch this heart-touching video to see what WAG Rescue is all about. We double-dog-dare-ya!
Tickets will go on sale soon for the upcoming ‘SURE TO KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF AND GET YOUR FEET A’MOVIN’ WAGala, stay tuned so you don’t miss out!

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