Wedding Venue or Wedding “Factory” what’s your pleasure?

It isn’t easy choosing a wedding venue. After all, the ‘place’ is going to be the first thing your guests see when they arrive on your big day and you want it to be the perfect reflection of you and your ‘soon to be’. Naturally location, cost and ambiance are huge factors to consider for your special event but they aren’t the only things to examine as you muddle through your many options.

First and foremost visit the venue personally so you can vision how your wedding will look ~ and when you make that trek be sure to arm yourself with an extensive list of questions . They might include things like:

How many guests can they accommodate
What is included in the facility fee
Is it full service or self service, i.e. are you responsible for the setup and break down or are they
Do they have their own Wedding Coordinator/staff/caterer/florist
Do they allow outside vendors
Is there an all inclusive package
Do they have preferred or required caterers, bakers, photographers, bar tenders, etc.
How long do you get the facility & does it include both ceremony and reception time
Are additional hours available, and if so, what is the fee
Does the fee include any personal meetings
How many events do they handle per day; in other words, do they pump out newlyweds like a rabbit does bunnies or will your event be the only one they focus on that day

No matter which venue you choose, try to build a relationship with those in charge. The better you communicate with them, the better they will understand exactly how to make your dream wedding come true.


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