How long have you been in the wedding industry?

No need to worry about inexperience here! Couples have been getting married at Old Glory Ranch since 1997 so we have tried and true experience in making your special day a most memorable one.

How many people can your venue accommodate?

Depending on your choice of wedding ceremony and reception locations we can accommodate up to 340 guests for a ceremony in Chapel Hall and unlimited for outdoor spaces during good weather. For indoor receptions we can comfortably seat 140 guests on the Chapel Hall floor level and an additional 40 upstairs in the balcony in our specially designed hand crafted imported teak and iron chairs and still have a spacious dance floor. The Chapel Hall ceremony/reception facility fee also includes all of the outdoor tables and our upgraded wooden chairs with an ivory padded seat. For indoor/outdoor receptions we can seat the amount above for inside the Chapel and an additional 300+ outside. We also have a custom fit tent available for the Chapel that can seat an additional 100 guests for your reception with direct access to the indoor reception area.

Do you have wedding packages?

A true wedding package is typically a misnomer as there are too many variables. We know that different brides have different budgets, décor desires, color schemes, floral preferences, etc. and therefore do not offer an all inclusive package pricing at this time. However, for those serious about booking our venue, we can provide an estimated cost once a client set-up form is complete. There is no fee for this service and the budget worksheet is yours to keep so you can plug in real vendor figures as they are booked.

Where can I find pricing information and how much of a deposit is required?

You may view our pricing here, complete the form on our website “Contact” page, or send an email to [email protected].  We require a $2000 security deposit with your signed contract. Another $1000 deposit along with the balance of the facility fee is required at your Design Meeting which is typically held about 2-3 months prior to your event date. The remaining balance is due 8-10 days prior to your event.

Do you offer any sort of ‘do-it-yourself’ type of weddings?

Often a client has a simpler wedding in mind with smaller guest counts. In those instances we can suggest our covered Gatehouse Pavilion for the reception which can seat about 100 guests at our beautifully hand-crafted cedar picnic tables and benches. Your ceremony could still take place in Chapel Hall, in the Oak Grove, or on the Wedding Deck beside the Blanco river and the reception at the Gatehouse. You provide your Old Glory Ranch approved decorations and flowers for the Gatehouse, secure your own catering, entertainment, etc. It does require Old Glory Ranch staffing to serve your beverages and a minimal clean-up fee.

Will you hold a date for me?

We offer a complimentary hold on a wedding date for three business days at no charge. If we receive another client requesting the same date within that holding period we will give you a courtesy call to check your interest and offer the option of signing a contract or forfeiting the date.

Does your facility fee include a wedding coordinator?

YES! Your wedding ceremony & reception includes a Site Manger that assists with your event planning from the day you sign your contract all the way through the day of your event.  A Day-of Wedding Coordinator is also included with Saturday and Sunday events.

May I bring in my own professional Wedding Coordinator?

Absolutely! We welcome outside professional Wedding Coordinators that bring clients our way prior to signing your contract. We will assign either our coordinator or one of our experienced staff members as a liaison to your professional Wedding Coordinator during your event to help it run smoothly.

Do you hold more than one event at a time?

No. Unlike many of the area’s ‘wedding factory’s’ we dedicate our full attention to the details of your event and have an impeccable reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

Do you provide tours of your facility?

Absolutely – and at no charge! We love seeing brides and their families fall in love with Old Glory Ranch! Tours are available by appointment Monday – Friday from 10 am – 4:00 pm and take about 45 minutes to an hour. We can accommodate some weekend tours depending on our event calendar for the weekend – call 512-847-3646 or email us at [email protected] for availability.

Do you offer any special and unique services?

Positively! We have a host of vendor contacts including horse drawn carriages and wagons, full fireworks displays, gerbs & sparklers, photo booths, custom fit cowboy hats, vintage truck and one of our client favorites…miniature donkeys with floral covered baskets packs filled with client provided bottled beer and bottled water for your guests enjoyment and photo opportunities. We also have a childcare facility and offer childcare with experienced sitters for your event. We have vendors that provide ceremony chamber music, mariachis, bagpipers, buses, departure vehicles including limos, bus transportation, and antique cars, trucks…you name it and we may either provide you with a preferred vendor list or we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Can we bring our own flowers?

We receive RAVE reviews from all of our clients and their guests about the floral details of their event. Old Glory Ranch does require that our talented and experienced floral design team handle all of the decorative items including the floral design, the ordering of flowers, assembling and placement. We have one specific meeting dedicated solely to your design. We work directly with the client who brings their ideas, photos representing the look, color schemes, visuals that provide a clear idea of the look their are attempting to achieve, etc. We take great pride in our flower design team that has the ability to create the look and feel of what you envision for your special day. We offer custom design packages or a budget floral package. If you are brought to us by an outside professional Wedding Coordinator with their own floral team, we offer a Candle/Container package.

What about table linens and centerpieces?

Part of your Design package includes linens and centerpieces. Old Glory Ranch has a rainbow of different colors of quality linens in stock from which to choose. We also have a vast inventory of decor items including centerpiece containers that are very aesthetic with the facility and blend with many different themes.

Old Glory Ranch does require that our talented and experienced floral design team handle all of the decorative items including the floral design, the ordering of flowers, assembling and placement. We have one specific meeting dedicated solely to your design. We work directly with the client who brings their ideas, photos representing the look, color schemes, visuals that provide a clear idea of the look their are attempting to achieve, etc. We take great pride in our flower design team that has the ability to create the look and feel of what you envision for your special day. We offer custom design packages or a budget floral package.

Can we have a wedding rehearsal?

Yes indeed! Most of our rehearsals take place the day before your actual event date, pending other possible scheduled events. We allow up to 2 hours which is included in your facility fee rental. It will be conducted by your assigned OGR Site Manager that is included in your ceremony/reception facility fee.

Can we hold our rehearsal dinner at your facility?

Yes. Whether you are holding your ceremony elsewhere or at Old Glory Ranch we can accommodate your rehearsal dinner provided we do not have another event scheduled for the same date. Many clients take advantage of our covered Gatehouse Pavilion, adjacent to Chapel Hall, that comfortably seats 100 guests at our beautifully hand-crafted cedar tables and benches. Clients secure their own caterer and do their own Old Glory Ranch approved decorating at the Pavilion. We offer a $250 discount off the regular Pavilion facility rental fee if you are also holding your ceremony/reception at Old Glory Ranch.

Do you provide alcohol?

We are currently not licensed to sell alcohol. All beverages, alcohol or non-alcohol are provided by the client and are required to be served by our TABC-certified Old Glory Ranch staff members. You only pay for the staff member[s], not an additional corkage fee. It is our policy to close the bars 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ending time of your event. For safety and liability purposes, we reserve the right to refuse serving alcohol to any guest we feel may have consumed too much and will also ask for a photo ID of anyone we feel may be underage.

How long do we get to utilize the facility?

Our facility rental is for five hours including the ceremony and reception. However, we do allow the bridal party and immediate family to arrive an hour and a half prior to the ceremony time to allow your photographer the option of taking pre-wedding photos of family and bridal parties [this is not included in the 5 hour block of time rental, it is ‘on us’]. Additional rental hours may be purchased at $500 per hour if utilizing a DJ for your reception, $600 if using a band, and includes the facility and Old Glory Ranch staff members.

We often hear potential clients say that other hill country venues allow a longer rental time. In actuality, you get your Old Glory Ranch venue for a longer period of time, BUT, rather than having your family and bridal party members doing all of the set-up and break down during that time allotment, at Old Glory Ranch it is done by our staff allowing your family and bridal party the luxury to enjoy your day of celebration with you rather than have it be a work day.

Do you provide on-site catering?

Not at this time. We do offer each client a list of amazing preferred caterers from which to choose that offer a host of different food fares to suit even the most discerning palates. If you desire to bring in your own professional caterer, that is not found on our preferred vendor list, they must be pre-approved by Old Glory Ranch. They must also provide proof of insurance and are required to make a site visit at least one month prior to your event date. They must also provide a copy of the catering contract to Old Glory Ranch for our client files.

Do you have overnight accommodations on the ranch?

We do not have on-site overnight accommodations on the ranch but can provide a listing of local reservation agencies that can assist in getting your families, bridal party and guests situated.

Do you provide an officiate for the ceremony?

If you do not have a minister, pastor, or officiate to perform your wedding ceremony we can assist in securing one for you.

Do you have childcare available?

Yes we do! We have an on-site childcare facility at the Gatehouse Pavilion, just a short distance from Chapel Hall where experienced childcare attendants may be available for the duration of your event. If you plan on having 8 or more children 8 years or under attending your event, childcare is required.

Can I secure all the vendors myself?

Outside vendors are welcome, other than your floral and design which goes directly through our amazing Old Glory Ranch design team. We provide all of our clients with vendor recommendations lists. You will find it beneficial if you book them through Old Glory Ranch, that’s why we’re here – to make the process as stress free as possible so you can enjoy your party from start to finish. When you book Chapel Hall or our beautiful outdoor Wedding Deck venue (located on the banks of the crystal clear waters of the Blanco River) for your ceremony/reception our qualified Old Glory Ranch staff, your assigned Site Manager and day-of Wedding Coordinator can take the anxiety of planning most of your wedding off your shoulders.

Old Glory Ranch does require some vendors to be booked directly through us such as the horse drawn carriage, fireworks displays, childcare, floral decor, etc. Just ask and we will be more than happy to let you know if you can provide the vendor or if it is required to be booked through OGR.

What are some of your exclusive and unique features?

Beyond our tried and true experience and expertise and hundreds of satisfied clients since 1997 ~ First would be the ability to have all the elegance, amenities, class and sophistication of a “big city” wedding that includes professionalism and the uniqueness of our location in the beautiful Texas Hill Country making us a preferred destination wedding venue. Another of our most unique and exclusive features (and a real crowd-pleaser that your guests will talk about forever) is incorporating our miniature donkeys into the cocktail hour. They include a young trained donkey handler and wear colorful flower saddle packs filled with client provided bottled beer, bottle water, or soft drinks. They are probably the second most photographed thing at weddings besides the happy couple! Clients rave about our very efficient, courteous and accommodating Old Glory Ranch staff. We set-up & break-down for you at no extra charge. You and your guests simply show up for the party! All floral arrangements, serving beverages, the cutting and passing of the bride/groom cakes are done by our highly trained staff.

Why should I choose Old Glory Ranch?

Why wouldn’t you? The most common phrase heard at any given Old Glory Ranch wedding is “BEST DAY EVER!” If you are seeking a beautiful destination wedding in the Texas Hill Country that your friends and family will talk about for years to come as being the best wedding they have ever attended (and others getting married will have to try to live up to), Old Glory Ranch is the place for you! We have tried and true experience in producing amazing events since 1997, as well as a highly experienced staff that provides professional and quality service unmatched by any other venue. That’s our personal guarantee. Our former clients tell us over and over how their Old Glory Ranch wedding has been the talk of their family and friends for years. (See our Reviews page) Don’t you want and deserve the best for your special day? We think so, too.

How do I get started?

We recommend that you first tour our wedding facility to see the layout, understand your many options, and then start envisioning your event here. If you decide that Old Glory Ranch is a perfect fit for your event or wedding and you would like to contract with us, the next step would be to complete a Client Set-Up form where you would meet with one of our qualified staff members and answer some simple questions on how you envision your perfect wedding day (this questionnaire can also be answered over the phone).

Once the form is complete you will then receive a contract and various forms to sign along with an estimate that can serve as a rough budget for your planning process. You would return the signed contract with your initial security deposit of $2000. We then establish three on-site meetings [held M-F during regular business hours]:

    1. The first is the Initial Meeting where we closely examine what you feel is your ideal day. We will show you samples of our dinnerware, other options of acrylic and bamboo, etc. We prefer holding this meeting right away so we can see in what areas assistance is needed. After this meeting you are provided a link to our exquisite On-line Floral Gallery where you can see all of the decor pieces we have that you will be able to select from as well as samples of personal flowers, cakes, and more. You may even choose to schedule a consultation to take advantage of our “Gloriously Inviting” print product service where you can design your own invitations, save the dates, seating charts, programs, etc.
    1. The second meeting typically takes place 2-3 months prior to your event. It is the Design Meeting where you will choose things such as table linens, centerpieces, inside/outside décor items, what personal flowers you will carry and those for your bridal party and immediate family, what flowers will be in the centerpieces, candles for the altar, tables and seating, any seasonal touches you want to incorporate, etc. The Design is a separately priced package from the facility fee and can be either budget or customized for your event.
    1. The final meeting takes place 2-4 weeks prior to your special day with your assigned Old Glory Ranch Wedding Coordinator. There you will establish the final details such as music that you and your bridal party will utilize for the processional and recessional, and whom is walking with whom, special details, a specific timeline, etc. Following that is your rehearsal and finally, your event!

Do you offer any special seasonal touches?

Yes! If you are planning a wedding or event near a holiday, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day or Easter, or during a particular season, such as spring or fall, we have a wide range of coordinating seasonal accessories from which to choose.