Join us for our  “Hollywood Homicide” Mystery Dinner at Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley on December 11th!

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The Scenario:

It is March 4, 1937, and it’s the biggest night in Hollywood.  The event is the American Cinema Awards ceremony, held at the banquet room of the Biltmore Hotel on Grand Avenue in Los Angeles.  Anyone who is anyone is in attendance, including all the actors and crew members who have been nominated for awards.  The showrunner of the year is Frank Chambers’ Tequila Mockingbird, a sweeping epic starring Paul Mills as an alcoholic birdwatcher.

As the night progressed and the awards were presented one by one, Tequila Mockingbird led the way, with statues for Chambers, Mills, and Luise Rodgers as the film’s leading lady.  However, when it came time to present Outstanding Production of 1936, the award went to none other than the dark horse of the evening, The Great Sigfried, a biopic of the famous German psychiatrist.  The disappointment of Tequila’s producer, Marcus G. Malone, was palpable, and he left the Biltmore with a stiff upper lip.

However, the night must go one.  True to Hollywood tradition, the stars scattered throughout the town to attend a number of post-ceremony parties.  Although this is normally a busy night for the press, it would prove to be an even heavier news night than usual.  At approximately midnight, L.A. police received an exasperated phone call from a janitor at the office of Marcus G. Malone Productions.  Malone had been found in his office, hanging from the ceiling by his own belt.  The career and life of one of Hollywood’s classic producers had ostensibly ended in horrible suicide.

The police, however, know more about the case than they are willing to tell the press.  The morning after, they invite a handful of the cast and crew of Tequila Mockingbird, as well as some other notables, to the banquet room of the Biltmore Hotel.  Apparently, they suspect Malone suicide was murder…and even you could be the murderer!

Play a Character:

At Old Glory Ranch Mystery Dinners, our guests play the roles of suspects and witnesses.  Once a ticket is purchased, each guest will receive an invitation to register as a character whose description includes a costume suggestion. 

The Evening:

Upon arrival, guests will be directed to their assigned tables and enjoy appetizers until dinner is served. Once Our Mystery Dinner emcee will then take over to introduce the characters and guide the telling of the story. Dessert is served prior to intermission.  All guests including characters will sit with their friends and family and actively try to solve the crime throughout the evening. Although the guests playing the characters have a little extra information at the beginning, they do not know if they are the guilty party until the big reveal at the end of the evening.

Ticket Information:

Tickets are $80 and include appetizers, dinner and dessert as well as the entertainment and complimentary beverages. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available upon request prior to the event.

Audience:  18+