Join us for our “Haunted Homicide” Murder Mystery Dinner!!

Tickets for September 28th

Tickets for October 12th

The Scenario:

You are invited to celebrate All Hallows Eve at a weekend party thrown by the famous inventor and scientist, Dr. Jacques DeRapier, at Kirkoswald Keep, his sprawling Transylvanian castle estate. The Keep’s reputation precedes its owner’s, and  rumors persist that DeRapier’s late ancestors haunt its corridors.

On Halloween night, a delicious banquet is prepared, and Dr. DeRapier’s guests assemble in the dining room, awaiting the entrance of their host. The jovial atmosphere turns to one of terror, however, when a bloodcurdling scream is heard throughout the castle: Dr. DeRapier has been murdered, stabbed viciously through the throat and left to die on his study floor!

It will be up to you and your fellow guests to assemble the clues, interview the suspects, and decide who among you is the murderer…it might even be you!


Guests play the roles of suspects and witnesses.  Once a ticket is purchased, you will receive an invitation to play a character whose description includes a costume suggestion.  It is so much fun to see everyone arrive as most everyone dresses in theme whether they are playing a character or not. If you do not wish to be a character nor dress in theme, the suggested dress is business casual.

The Evening:

Guests  select their seats when they arrive and then mingle and enjoy appetizers until dinner is served.  Our Mystery Dinner emcee will then take over to introduce the characters and guide the telling of the story. Dessert is served at intermission.  All guests sit with their friends and family and actively try to solve the crime throughout the evening.

Although the guests playing the characters have a little extra information at the beginning, they do not know if they are the guilty party until the big reveal at the end of the evening.


Tickets are $80 and include appetizers, dinner and dessert as well as the entertainment and complimentary beverages. Gluten-free options are available upon request prior to the event.

Audience:  18+

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Our “Deck the Halls” Mystery Dinner will be on Saturday, December 7th:  Tickets will go on sale on October 8th at 10am.