Mystery Dinners

Join us for one of our nights of mystery and murder as you solve a crime while indulging in a delicious dinner.  Guests are encouraged to dress up in themed costumes, and follow the clues to determine who among them is the MURDERER! Our Mystery Dinners are great for birthdays, dinner clubs, special occasions, and more.  Since every one of the scenarios comes with a healthy dose of murder, extortion, larceny, adultery, and general tomfoolery, we recommend our events only for those 18 years or older.


Saturday, April 20, 2024 – Murder in the Hill Country


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  • The Class of ’85

    It is Friday, October 18, 1985 in Laguna Beach, California. This evening is the annual homecoming dance at Fielding Price Memorial High School, preceded by a pep rally for the Price Locomotives, the school’s football team. The evening started out merrily enough, with students dancing and drinking punch in the school’s gymnasium, all under the watchful eyes of the teachers and other adults present as chaperones. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Lisa Marie Johnson and Mike Hendershot as Homecoming King and Queen at 8:00. This was followed by more dancing until about 9:00, when the celebration quickly turned to dismay and dread. The body of Lisa Marie had been found in the school cafeteria, bludgeoned to death by last year’s championship trophy. Be wary, be curious, and be suspicious, as there is a murderer amongst you…it could even be you!

  • Deck the Halls with Merry Murder!

    It is Christmas Eve, and B.B. Blitzen, president and founder of Blitzen Toys, Inc., is hosting his annual party for his family members and employees at his luxurious New York brownstone. An hour into the evening, the cocktails have been flowing freely and the conversation has been excited, and everyone seems to be in a festive mood. The cheerful atmosphere quickly becomes pandemonium, however, when an explosion from B.B.’s study rocks the brownstone. B.B., who was alone in his study when the explosion occurred, has been killed in the blast, and it quickly becomes obvious that he was murdered. It seems like everyone on the guest list has a motive to kill their host, but which one of them masterminded this very merry murder?

  • You Dirty Rat-A-Tat-Tat!

    It is 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Prohibition is in full force, and some of the city’s less savory citizens have taken advantage of it by selling booze on the black market. The city’s most wealthy businessman is Johnny Costello, a suave restaurateur who is rumored to have his hands deep in the illegal hooch network. Costello’s powerful grip on Chicago ended this morning. As he was leaving the Drake Hotel, several shots were heard and Costello fell to the sidewalk, gunned down by an unseen assassin. Costello’s men have “invited” some of his closest friends and associates to the Stolen Hearts Club in hopes of solving his murder. Johnny Costello’s murderer is in your midst, and it could be anyone…even you!