Bluebonnets Arrive at Old Glory Ranch

Spring is Here!

The bluebonnets have arrived at Old Glory Ranch.  We know that spring is here when we peer out the front door of our hill country chapel and see an exquisite field of blue. Our Texas state flower, the bluebonnet, transforms our beautiful venue into a breathtaking portrait that adds a special touch to any wedding or event.


Wimberley brides choose April in hopes of having the field full of bluebonnets at their Texas Hill Country wedding.  They  do their research and try to lock in the perfect weekend for their dream wedding. Alas, only Mother Nature can choose the lucky one. Bluebonnets may bloom at the end of March or hide until April.  It really is a gamble as to which weekend will prove to be the best and which bride is the luckiest. 








Bluebonnets are a huge part of Texas much like the clover is synonymous with Ireland.  People love to drive around the hill country to find the perfect field of flowers for a quick photo.




We love the bluebonnets so much that we have “Miss Texas Moobonnet” watching over our bluebonnet field throughout the year.









Indian folklore called the flower a gift from the Great Spirit.  Many of the men of the 27th legislature in 1901 wanted to go with the cactus or cotton boll.  Instead they bowed to the ladies’ wishes and voted in the bluebonnet as our state flower on March 7, 1901. It was definitely a lady, Lady Bird Johnson, that played a major role in making sure we all have bluebonnets to enjoy every spring.


However it came to be, we eagerly await their arrival each year at Old Glory Ranch and love the unique hill country touch they add to all of our spring weddings and special events.


A New Year for the Wedding Deck Tree

A New Year for the Wedding Deck Tree

It is hard to believe that we are beginning a New Year.  New beginnings are often a time of reflection to contemplate what we have achieved and things we have missed.  We reminisce about the good times and try to regroup after the curve balls thrown by Mother Nature.

As we begin this New Year, we begin to think of our beautiful tree that has graced the Wedding Deck over the years since Old Glory Ranch was founded in 1997. We wonder about the stories it could tell.

The Wedding Deck Giving Tree

It has seen many beautiful weddings and witnessed the thrill of new and old relationships and whispered dreams and promises.  It has also seen the change of many a season and the tragedy these seasons sometimes bring.




It experienced the Memorial Day flood in May of 2015 withstanding the powerful surge of water as it watch the destruction and devastation that followed.   On a more positive note, it helped create a Winter Wonderland during the Wimberley “Blizzard” of 2017.

As we usher in the New Year, we hope to be as steady and strong as our beautiful Wedding Deck tree while we embrace whatever the year may bring.  It makes us want to better prepare for the future and be the best I can be. We wish the tree could share and hold its own breakout session at our Old Glory Ranch Wellness Reset as we believe it has much to share and we have much to learn.  Instead, we will place the future of our health in the hands of the very accomplished professionals  that will be presenting on January 24th and 25th.



In the meantime, we hope the New Year will bring all of you multitudes of joy and happiness and endless memories of love and laughter.  And if you should have time, please join us for our Old Glory Ranch Wellness Reset and perhaps visit our tree for a dose of wisdom as well.  This estimated 500-year-old bald cypress is indeed “The Giving Tree.”




Unexpected Winter Wonderland in the Hill Country

Unexpected Winter Wonderland in the Hill Country

Leave it to the Texas Hill Country weather to provide us with winter weather in the 80s on Tuesday, December 5th, and 3 inches of snow on

Thursday night, December 7th.

Photo by Darcie Westerlund

The sudden change brought out the child in everyone as pictures of Snow Angels, snowmen, and snowball fights took over social media. Having not seen snow like this since 1985, everyone was caught up in a frenzy of disbelief and laughter as they began to enjoy every moment.   The delight continued as the mesmerizing Winter Wonderland created by the snow was revealed the next morning looking less like the Wimberley they knew and more like a Norman Rockwall painting.

The change of scenery may have only lasted a short while, but all were amazed by what a difference a day can make with the help of the Texas weather.


Guess who is coming to the wedding? Could it be beer packing Burros?

Miniature Donkeys are such a big part of Old Glory Ranch as we have over 30 of them grazing peacefully in our pastures. The mini burros have been part of the landscape at OGR and an integral part of our events since we opened in 1997!

Many times, people come to Old Glory because they have seen the donkeys online or heard about them from friends. These little charmers are not always the first thought of a newly engaged couple as they begin compiling the guest list.  However, beer burros are a wonderful novelty to add to your special day!  As you are planning who to invite to your wedding at Old Glory Ranch, don’t forget the most sought after guests… miniature donkeys.

Frequently, couples think the children at the wedding will adore the donkeys, but your adult guests will love these beer packing burros just as much.

There is little else that is as unique as miniature donkeys serving bottled beer, juice boxes or bottled water during cocktail hour.  They create a bond with your guests to help them begin those initial conversations, as two families become one.  The donkeys are also an icebreaker at corporate events or private parties, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

They are very skilled and versatile as they can serve numerous other items such as chips and queso.  The donkeys often have their pictures taken as much as the bride and groom.   The mini burros are never released from “duty” until all the “people guests” have had an opportunity to take that priceless selfie with our “donkey guests.”

For more information about our donkeys, how to incorporate them into your Old Glory event or to purchase purchase your very own, visit our Miniature Donkeys page.

Peace and Joy on the Blanco River

Since the horrific Memorial Day Flood in 2015, we are proud to have been able to host numerous meaningful events at the Wedding Deck on our glorious stretch of the Blanco River.   The Wedding Deck at Old Glory Ranch has been a sacred place to so many people over the past 20 years.

Just days after the tragic flood we were only expecting to see a barren landscape pilled with rubble.  We got as close as possible to the river with a glimmer of hope for our splendid Wedding Deck Tree.

Although our peaceful paradise was unrecognizable, we spotted a hopeful site of some Cypress branches being pounded by the still raging river.  We just knew it was the top of our “Giving Tree.”   Feeling the emotional words of Frances Scott Keyes, “O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming…..”  The swaying branches were so gallantly streaming and ultimately gave proof that our tree was still there!

The Epic Flood changed the landscape of this magical wedding site forever.  However, this magnificent cypress tree has endured an estimated 500 years of weather events to provide a symbol of strength and commitment for so many OGR couples.

We feel very blessed to have been spared this ancient beauty.

As we all learned that night, the river has a mind of its own.  When the Blanco River came ripping through our valley that frightening night, the forceful waters skipped right passed this tiny section of Old Glory Ranch which is so special to so many people.  This was another sign of the sanctification of this tree. What a wonderful foundation this tree provides, as couples exchange vows and begin their married life together.

Surrounded by the few remaining cypress trees, our little piece of heaven is the perfect backdrop for your wedding, baptism, photo shoot or anniversary picnic. Recently, a picturesque baptism began with a blessing in the sparkling waters of the Blanco River.  To the delight of everyone attending, it concluded with the release of doves.   The doves were truly a symbolic gesture of peace with the river.  Also, the sound of the lively flow of water in the background as it makes its way over the smooth rocks is a reminder that water is a symbol of life.

Exactly two years later, with bittersweet reflection, we celebrate and find peace, joy and inspiration on the Blanco River!

Photo Credit:

Anthology Photography & Darcie Westerlund Photography



Flower Girls and Ring Bearers – Attraction or Distraction?

Should our nieces & nephews be in the wedding, or is this day just about us? 


Some couples think it is a family affair while others feel the distraction of children in the ceremony takes away from the bride’s “Queen for a Day Moment”.


Making children an attraction at a wedding:

1) Choose appropriate ages for the task. Three to Eight Years Old is usually the ideal age for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers. If you must have a very young child, a wagon pulled by an older participant is a good idea. Taking these young children out after making their appearance, avoids unrealistic expectations.

2) Preparation for the event should include rehearsing. Tell them what a special privilege it is to honor the bride & groom.

3) Emphasize good behavior such as acting like the big boys & girls.

4) Fashionable clothing like Mommy & Daddy can sometimes encourage “best behavior”. Little girls love to be the “Princess for the Day,” while little boys love to dress like Daddy on a special occasion.

5) Attitudes & expressions of children can sometimes ad humor & a sense of relaxation to the ceremony. Old Glory Ranch had a 3 ½ year old twin boy who announced when he exited the chapel after sitting down in the middle of the ceremony, ” ’Dis’ wedding is too ‘Wong’.”

6) When children are expected to stay at the reception, childcare is an excellent idea. Old Glory Ranch provides childcare & entertainment for these children so parents & grandparents can enjoy the celebration. Young children can get very tired & cranky when the evening gets late. Taking young children home after the ceremony is also an option.

Well behaved and adorable children can certainly add great joy to the pomp & circumstance of a wedding. If the bride & groom are set on children in their ceremony, cute kids can lighten the tension & provide wonderful photo opts for the memory book. This is a definite attraction. Some couples still view these precious children as a distraction. When choosing the “attraction” route, always be prepared for the unexpected!

Still on the fence when deciding whether to invite children or not?

Check out these articles from Wedding Wire (The 12 Secrets to Well-Behaved Ring Bearers and Flower Girls) and (13 rules for a kid-friendly wedding (or not).

Photos by Darcie Westerlund of Innovative Photography

Murder Mystery Shocks the Texas Hill Country Wedding Scene

Old Glory Ranch – Saturday, August 27, 2016

“People, we are in a chapel!” Sean Homrig, Murder for Hire, Inc, exclaimed, as he fell all the way to the floor.  It could have been a wedding gone bad at Old Glory Ranch, but in this case, it was MURDER!! The chapel might never be the same as a room full of characters took over Old Glory Ranch for the evening to put their sleuthing skills to the test.  From the teary-eyed widow to the retired Col. Henderson or should I say, “Sir, Colonel, Sir!”, all testified as to who might have killed poor old J.G. Hewitt.  There was no talk of a Texas Hill Country Wedding on this particular Saturday, August 27th evening as Old Glory Ranch hosted its first Murder Mystery Dinner.DSC_0535+Hill_country_weddingDSC_0557+austin_brideDSC_0541+Hill_country_wedding

The first arrivals seemed innocent enough, but then guests began to speculate about the man dressed as a Reverend and the woman in the evening gown. Curiosity gave way to whispers as a delicious dinner was served by Austin Catering and the guests began to fill the chapel. IMG_5974+austin_bride



The true hilarity and fun took off as the “guests turned suspects” began to shift  the blame onto one another.  At times, the MC was even speechless as he discovered the strength of the hidden talent which resides in Wimberley.   Laughter was heard from far and wide as the MC proclaimed, “I could do this all night!”  Many seemed to agree but ultimately the murderer was revealed and justice was served.

Thanks to Murder for Hire, Inc. and to Austin Catering for a fabulous evening!  If you would like to be added to our list to be contacted for future special events or if you would like to scheduled a tour to see the venue for a potential Texas Hill Country Wedding, visit our contact us page at


Seasonal Touches in a Natural State –

This year, the weatherman may not be forecasting a white Christmas in the hill country, but we just can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful colors popping all over the ranch from the late fall foliage! We love changing seasons, especially this time of year so we are not complaining one bit! Take a look at these “Seasonal Touches” in a natural state.

Check out some of our favorite seasonal touches and accents that serve as beautiful backdrops at Old Glory Ranch page by following this Link

Lipinsky brings down the house for WAGala at Old Glory Ranch

Oh, what a night! Lance Lipinsky’s rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis, with a little Elvis thrown in, was a smashing success for the Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue’s [WAG] recent fundraiser WAGala held at the beautiful Old Glory Ranch. Lance and his band played their hearts out to a packed room with tunes that had everyone’s toes tapping! Energy bounced off the walls as those attending swelled with applause and cheers for the young performer. And to top it all off, lots of money was raised in their live and silent auctions for a very good cause.
A huge thank you is extended to the sponsors and those who attended and opened up their hearts and pocketbooks to help make this one of the most successful fundraisers for the WAG Adoption Group & Rescue to date! For those who were unable to attend, here’s a little teaser of what you missed [click photo below].

Lance hammers the keyboard!

Lance hammers the keyboard! [CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO VIEW VIDEO]

Decor was the perfect blend with vibrant colors of magenta and black, centerpieces of old LP records & 45’s, soda glasses filled with tasty dog treats and straws. Route 66 signs were floating above the stage area as Lipinsky and his group hammered out some pretty spectacular tunes from an era gone by!

DSC_0345+ DSC_0400

12144744_1053683908005582_8089837087803748830_n DSC_0396+

Lance lightened 12088457_1053684224672217_1714496779835574028_n

12143164_1053659274674712_7789962589958850059_n 12144712_1053669641340342_4355034659830631884_n

12088065_1053683088005664_2798965752180183514_n 12072781_1053680611339245_8003467568312492731_n

WAG Adoption Group & Rescue organization is in its 6th year with the fulfillment of their dreams inching closer with fundraisers like this one. The WAG Rescue dream and ultimate goal is a noble one, a real brick and mortar no-kill facility that would serve as a temporary refuge for the ceaseless number of abandoned and unclaimed dogs and puppies in the Wimberley and western Hays County area. To date they have found forever homes for over 630 canines of various sizes and ages and also returned hundreds of ‘found dogs to their lost owners’. It’s a very worthwhile project and you can play a part, big or small! All this takes is people like you, who care about man’s best friend, reaching inside their wallets and tossing a little ‘green dough’ in the general direction of WAG Rescue, and they make it pretty easy! If you were unable to come to the event but still want to give, just click here, fill in a few lines and dollar amount and viola!, you’ve just helped save a dog! Or maybe you would like to consider being a foster parent for a dog while their forever human is located, that’s pretty easy, too! And if you have some spare time on your hands and would like to help in another way by volunteering, well, hot dog! they can help you solve that problem, too! See, WAG Rescue is here to help you as well as their canine friends. We’ll make it super simple for you, click here, find the area you want to help and you’re done, not to mention how great you’ll feel knowing you’ve just helped out.

WAGala organizers

WAGala organizers

Jazz Brunch Series at Old Glory Ranch with Austin Catering

Regretfully, we are having to postpone our first Jazz Brunch until a later date. We are not cancelling this “glorious” gourmet special event with Austin Catering, we are merely  rescheduling it for Valentine’s Day Sunday February 14th, 2016.  Mark your calendars now to treat your special someone to live jazz, and scrumptious pairings in a stunning ranch setting.  Check back in closer to the event  for another “lovely affair to cherish” at Old Glory Ranch!”


Old Glory Ranch is pleased to announce their partnership with Austin Catering for their upcoming “Jazz Up Your Sunday-Funday Brunch” Series. Delight your taste buds with scrumptious offerings lovingly prepared by Austin Catering while your ears are soothed with the sounds of jazz from the Hot Texas Duo. All this while enjoying the glorious beauty of Old Glory Ranch, the premiere Texas Hill Country wedding and event venue. Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 18 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.


What better way to spend a Sunday than gathering up your family and friends for an art filled day in Wimberley! Start with the Jazz Up Your Sunday-Funday Brunch at Old Glory Ranch, then hit the square for some amazing shopping, boutiques and art studios. Wrap up the evening by attending the Wimberley Players annual fundraiser, “Celebrate”, held at the Leaning Pear featuring jazz-fusion pianist Dylan Meek.

A cash bar will be available. Purchase tickets by 5:00pm on Tuesday, October 13th.

To purchase tickets go to

For more information call Old Glory Ranch at 512-847-3646 or Email