Wedding Venue Questions

What what wedding venue questions do you have?

It isn’t easy choosing a wedding venue. After all, the ‘place’ is the first thing your guests see as they arrive on your big day. You also want this place to be a perfect reflection of you and your ‘soon to be’.

Location, cost, guest list and ambiance are huge factors to consider for your special event. However, they aren’t the only things to examine as you muddle through your many options. There is a long list of important questions to ask your wedding venue.

First and foremost visit the venue personally so you can actually visualize how your wedding will look . When you make that trek,  be sure to arm yourself with an extensive list of pertinent questions .

Venue Questions

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Does the venue have indoor and outdoor locations for your ceremony and/or reception?

What guest count can the venue accommodate?

Is my preferred date available or dates close to it?

Will you hold a date for me and under what conditions?

Who will be my point person for wedding planning?

Where will cocktail hour be held?

Can the venue accommodate a DJ or band?

How large is the dance floor and are there any noise restrictions?

How many events do they handle at one time?

Does the venue have a plan for inclement weather on your wedding day?

Do you have a sound system and/or microphone for toasts?

Is onsite parking available and is there additional cost?

Do you have a recycling policy?

Can we hold our rehearsal dinner at your venue?

Facility or Rental Fee Questions

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What wedding packages do you offer?

Is the venue full service or “Do It Yourself”, i.e. are you responsible for the setup and break down or does the venue staff take care of it for you?

Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware provided, or will we have to rent them from an outside rental company or get them through our caterer?

Is the Wedding Coordinator/staff/florist included?

Do they have a list of approved vendors or may you bring your own?

How long do you get the facility for your wedding ceremony and reception?

Are additional hours available, and if so, what is the fee?

Does the facility fee include any personal meetings?

Do they require wedding insurance or provide liability insurance?

What security services are provided?

Does facility fee include rehearsal?

Food and Beverage

Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of “preferred” caterers?

May we use a caterer who is not on the preferred list?

Can we provide our own alcoholic beverages?

Is there a cake cutting fee?


Do you provide an estimate of venue costs prior to signing a contract?

What deposit is required with a signed contract?

How are payments handled?

The better you communicate with the venue, the better they will understand exactly how to make your dream wedding come true. Bring your notepad or ask for handouts during your visit to document all of the venue’s answers to your questions. It is also a great idea to take pictures. While you are here, you should also explore Wimberley.


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