Do I really need a Wedding Coordinator?

Can’t I just plan my own wedding from beginning to end? Of course you can! But the real question is do you want to?

It takes a vast amount of time to truly plan a wedding, especially since it’s only the one day of your life you’ve been dreaming about it since you were a child! There are logistics that you probably haven’t even thought of at this time that are everyday tasks for someone with experience. Many venues now include a Day-of-Wedding Coordinator with their facility fee. Some venues also provide a Site Manager to manage staffing, vendors and any complications or trouble-shooting that may come up which helps everything run smoothly. Your Wedding Coordinator will provide a detailed timeline for you and keep everyone on track from the start of the evening until the very end. If they are not included with your venue, many brides find them well worth the investment just to help assure their day is as stress free as possible. The Wedding Coordinator will be your ‘best friend’ of the day, and your go-to person for nearly everything!

Questions you have to ask yourself are: do I want to be responsible for thinking about when it is time to make a toast or cut the cake or have special dances? Do you have the time to make arrangements for lodging, a departure vehicle, catering – tastings and arranging a menu? Or, do you want to relax and enjoy this special time in your life. Most brides, even those who still want control of their day, go for the latter when their budget allows.

This is your day to shine, a Wedding Coordinator should be your right hand person to handle all the stress of planning and pulling it all together,. So take the time to just simply be the bride, not the planner.

Clients recognize that Old Glory Ranch is a full service venue from the time they walk through for a tour until they leave for their honeymoon. Old Glory Ranch has received accolades from previous clients and been awarded by their peers in the industry. They pride themselves in quality service and treat their clients with respect. Their brides are their priority and they show each of them that by ‘holding their hand’ every step of the way and helping as “much” or “as little” as the client desires.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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