Live Stream Wedding…check.

Live stream wedding is  one of the newest items to be added to the wedding planning checklist.

Fall 2020 brides are facing obstacles unknown to previous brides on their wedding day. Many brides have older family members who might not be able to travel or be around large groups of people. Wedding venues may not be able to accommodate the couple’s guest count due to state and federal guidelines.

Neither of these problems were a part of the thought process when the couple began planning their wedding. However, the idea of a virtual wedding has become a common thought these days.

live stream wedding - old glory ranch - wimberley


The plus in today’s world is the technology which is available, even for the less tech savvy in your family. At Old Glory Ranch, we faced a similar problem.  One of our groom’s dad went into the hospital the week of the wedding and was unable to attend.

Since he was one of the few guests who was not able to attend, we were able to Facetime him in the hospital throughout the ceremony and reception. We really felt like he was with us during the whole celebration.

Brides today have a variety of choices when it comes to live streaming their wedding. The streaming platform will often be based on how many people you wish to include.   Zoom, Google, Skype, and FaceTime are all available, but more virtual guests means increasing your cost.   Another option is to contact your photographer and videographer to see if they offer streaming services.

Facebook Group

Facebook is a  free option and a popular way to live stream your wedding. You can create a private group page for your wedding and invite all of your friends and family to virtually celebrate with you on your wedding date.

This option is amazing even if you choose not to live stream.  You can send directions or share photos and information with all of your guests leading up to and throughout your event. Social media is easier to update than your wedding website when guests are traveling.  It also sends them notifications when you post.

The value of a private Facebook page is you can live stream the wedding ceremony, but your family and friends can also add photos and comments.  Your loved ones can feel like they are there even when they are actually thousands of miles away. First dances, toasts, and cake cutting are all moments that can be shared through live stream.



There are so many other possibilities.

What if you created a signature cocktail and sent the recipe through the group? Those at home can enjoy the same beverage. What about mini-cupcakes? Cupcakes could be shipped and enjoyed when cake is served.

There are so many fun ideas to incorporate which allow your day to be unique and filled with the same love. This live streamed memory can also be saved to relive anytime you want.

Who Should Operate?

We suggest having someone who is not in the wedding party or an immediate family member to be in charge if you are not utilizing your photographer or videographer.

The video operator needs to make sure  the moment is being captured completely, The phone may need to be re-positioned occasionally . You will need a tripod to allow the videographer the freedom to also enjoy the event. You can play with lighting and angles as well as check the internet connection during rehearsal.  Everything should be perfected by the big day!

Get Excited!

Live streaming allows couples to get excited  about their big day, as they think of ways to include their guests  in real time.  Even guests living outside of the United States could be included. As a guest who has attended a live stream wedding on social media, it is lots of fun to be included and watch the wedding live while also social distancing in the comfort of your own home.

Photos courtesy of Sun Gold Photos