Environmentally Friendly Venue

Old Glory Ranch is an Environmentally Friendly Venue

Environmentally friendly venue– a new and treasured title for Old Glory Ranch.  Always known as a premier Texas hill country wedding and event venue, the environmental future became a growing concern.  The venue felt the need to lower its carbon footprint after its events.  To help in this endeavor, Old Glory Ranch took positive measures to become more eco-friendly.

Thinking Green

This green way of thinking originated with the construction of Chapel Hall  in 2000. For example, the interior of the Chapel was built mostly of re-purposed long leaf pine. Gathered from three turn of the century homes purchased after being dismantled, this wood found a new home.

For the exterior, locally milled cedar planks gave Chapel Hall the perfect country church feel they were going for. The end result lends old world charm to modern day events.

Stunning appointments found throughout the Chapel and Patio add to its charms. In addition, these areas include beautiful turn of the century re-purposed stained glass and antique pieces that hearken of days gone by.

The venue knew it could do more. For like minded and ‘think green,’ clients,  the venue began offering compostable dinnerware.   Then,  the venue situated recycling receptacles easily located by staff and guests to aid in the recycling efforts.

Recycling glass, aluminum, and plastic throughout all events is a top priority. Additionally, to avoid food waste, the ranch began utilizing discarded food items in a compost pile for their organic garden.  Above all, the Old Glory Ranch staff remains dedicated to being eco-friendly no matter what the event or situation.

Join the Effort

In March of 2010, Old Glory Ranch organized and hosted a “Gloriously Green” event.  the venue shared pertinent information with its community members and leaders about the importance and ease of recycling. A panel of experts from various backgrounds held a Q&A session to provide a presentation about their given field of expertise. Many area residents attended the event and found it very informative.

Join Old Glory Ranch in their efforts in being environmentally friendly.  To sum up, let’s leave the world a little bit better for future generations.

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