Unexpected Winter Wonderland in the Hill Country

Leave it to the Texas Hill Country weather to provide us with winter weather. Temps were in the 80s on Tuesday, December 5th.  Then, we received 3 inches of snow on Thursday night, December 7th. Even the local weathermen were caught off guard.  That morning we were told to expect a few flurries, but nothing more.

winter- chapel- old glory ranch

Photo by Darcie Westerlund

The sudden change brought out the child in everyone.  Pictures of Snow Angels, snowmen, and snowball fights took over social media.  Snow like this had not fallen since 1985.  Caught up in a frenzy of disbelief and laughter. everyone began to enjoy every moment.   The delight continued as the mesmerizing Winter Wonderland created by the snow was revealed the next morning. The Hill Country looked less like the Wimberley they knew and more like a Norman Rockwall painting.

old glory ranch- hill country- winter snow

Lasting for only a little while, the snow soon began to melt. However, all were amazed by what a difference a day can make with the help of the Texas weather. Mother Nature left a reminder that the Hill Country is always beautiful, no matter the season.