Who is working at your wedding?

Your wedding venue staff might be one of the most overlooked items that can make or break your wedding.

The venue, decor, catering, and photographers all come to mind when beginning your wedding planning.  But what about the staff that your guests mingle with during the wedding?  Not just the wedding planners and coordinators,  but all of the wedding venue staff such as …. Bartenders?  Parkers?  Cake servers? Bussers?



Old Glory Ranch offers the service of a big city wedding in a relaxed, but elegant, hill country setting. To achieve this and keep the evening running smoothly,  it takes a village behind the scenes. We are very fortunate at Old Glory Ranch to have a phenomenal  staff that work strictly for the venue instead of  the caterer. Many of these staff members have been with the venue since it began in 1997.  Over the years, they have bonded and become their own unique family who enjoys working and hanging out together.  They are also very familiar with the venue and love to take care of your guests just as they would their own family.


They also love when we have a wedding with one of our own.

Thanks to Tom Richey Photography for capturing our group photo!


You may not meet each of the staff members,  but the important part is that you will remember how they made you feel at home.  A wedding is a very personal time full of family and friends.  The staff working your wedding should enhance this feeling.



All of our staff members are TABC certified and are pros at anticipating your guests’ needs and taking care of them.  Their jobs change as the night unfolds.  The gatekeeper may now be serving your guests cake or lighting the sparklers at the end of the evening.  They move as your guests move and help guide them throughout the evening and make any mishaps disappear before anyone knows they even happened.


Our staff has a love for the venue and for one another that is felt by all of your family and guests.  They share the belief that you should enjoy celebrating with one another, rather than working or worrying about wedding details. Our Old Glory Staff helps to make your day unique and memorable and are a highlight of our venue.