Old Glory Ranch – Saturday, August 27, 2016

“People, we are in a chapel!” Sean Homrig, Murder for Hire, Inc, exclaimed, as he fell all the way to the floor.  At first, we questioned if it could have been a wedding gone bad at Old Glory Ranch.  But in this case, it was MURDER!!

The chapel might never be the same as a room full of characters took over Old Glory Ranch for the evening to put their sleuthing skills to the test.

From the teary-eyed widow to the retired Col. Henderson, “Sir, Colonel, Sir!”, all testified as to who might have killed poor old J.G. Hewitt.  There was no talk of a Texas Hill Country Wedding on this particular Saturday, August 27th evening.  Old Glory Ranch hosted its first Murder Mystery Dinner instead.

In the beginning, the guests looked innocent enough, but then everyone began to speculate about the man dressed as a Reverend and the woman in the evening gown. Curiosity gave way to whispers as guests began to fill the chapel with a delicious dinner served by Austin Catering.

The true hilarity and fun took off as the “guests turned suspects” began to shift  the blame onto one another.  At times, the MC remained speechless as he discovered the strength of the hidden talent which resides in Wimberley.   Laughter was heard from far and wide as the MC proclaimed, “I could do this all night!”  Many agreed,  but ultimately the murderer was revealed and justice was served.

Join us Next Time!

Thanks to Murder for Hire, Inc. and to Austin Catering for a fabulous evening!  If you would like to be added to our list to be contacted for a future mystery dinner or other special event or if you would like to scheduled a tour to see the venue for a potential Texas Hill Country Wedding, visit our contact us page at www.oldgloryranch.com

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