A Tasty Twist on Texas Hill Country Weddings

Lights, Camera, Action … A Tasty Twist on Texas Hill Country Weddings  

Over the years, Old Glory Ranch has been a stunning backdrop for hundreds of events.  Weddings, corporate picnics and team building, private parties and a variety of film and photography have used this picturesque Texas Hill Country Ranch. But this was the tastiest scene yet… and it was all about a sandwich!

On August 31st, the captivating Chapel Hall Patio and Oak Grove were transformed into a saucy, smoke filled and buzzing film set.   Old Glory Ranch became the perfect location as a Texas Hill Country background for smoker pits and briskets.  This is almost a sacramental scenario to a Texan!

Tasty Patio Review

Tasty Twins Review


Who knew a sandwich had so many “dressing rooms” (AKA refrigerators), so many “make-up artists” and even a bit of a “movie star attitude”?  It was a glamorous sandwich indeed!  It was also a delight to play host to such a “delicious group” of people at Old Glory Ranch.

We look forward to having them back soon for another tasty twist.  They even let us take part in some of the action…roll camera role! We may never be movie stars, but we did have lots of fun!

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