We’re all family here at Old Glory Ranch. Once you are a bride, groom, parent of a bride or groom, or wedding party member, you automatically become part of the Old Glory Ranch family. So what does that mean? Well, once the celebration is over, the sparklers have fizzled out, the cake is gone, you’re back home from the honeymoon or back to the daily grind, then what, you ask?

We have an old adage here.  After your wedding you not only gain your spouse’s family, you also become a part of ours. And, here’s the funny part. Apparently we can’t get enough of you!  We invite you back for yet another party to relive the one you had! Over and over again. It’s just something we do.

Old Glory Ranch Alum Party

We had a great turnout for our 2015 Old Glory Ranch Alumni party this past weekend! Mother Nature cooperated with beautiful weather. Alums played bocce ball and croquet on the Sport Court. The, we dined on delicious nom-nom from Sullivan Street Catering under the stars on the Patio. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and catch up on all their lives  since last seeing them.

Each former client had wonderful comments to share with us and other alums.  This made us love what we do even more! We always look forward to these gatherings.  Our alums voiced that they do too!  So, having just wrapped up our the party, we wanted to share a few photos that were snapped and some interesting comments we heard from our alum members.

OGR Family

alum-family-beer-burros-hill country-wedding--venue
bocce-ball-annual-hill country-venue-alum-family-gathering

Alum Comments

Heidi [Gass] Marburger [1/4/14] – “We don’t know of any other venue in the world that throws a party for former brides and grooms after their event. Normally after you pay them for their services, you’re done. As a matter of fact, if I had any one thing I could do-over in my life, my wedding day would be the one I would choose, only I would add at least another hour!”

The alumni gathering contained lots of laughter, sharing of stories, and making of future plans.  It was wonderful to see couples making new friends. Best of all was their  sharing the one thing they all had in common, having their wedding at Old Glory Ranch.

Tracy [Walker] McCameron [6/26/10] – “I remember when the doors of the Chapel flew open and I saw Daniel standing at the altar my legs began shaking, I couldn’t believe it was really happening. It was magical.”

It was a wonderful mix of people. Alums married as early as 1997 and as recent as December 2014 were present.

If you were married or part of a wedding party at Old Glory Ranch, and want to be included in our next Alumni event, please send your current contact information to us.  We will be happy to include you! You can email to: [email protected] or call us at 512-847-3646.