Who Pays For What Part Of The Wedding?

Historically, the bride and/or her family have assumed the majority of the wedding related expense. The more modern approach allows for division of costs between the couple and/or both sets of parents. Following are some of the more traditional guidelines that you can adopt or modify to suit your particular needs. The itemization also provides a check list of matters that may require attention in your wedding preparations.

[Note: Usually, the attendants will pay for their attire. If not, the bride will assume the expense of her attendants and the groom for his.]


Invitations, personal notes and mailing expense.
Cost of the reception.
Cost of the ceremony.
Photographic and videographic expense.
The groom’s wedding ring.
Attendants’ bouquets.
Transportation for the wedding party.
Wedding dress, headpiece and accessories.
Wedding consultant’s fee.
Groom’s gift.
Guest Book.
Accommodations for out-of-town bride’s attendants and guests.


Groom’s wedding attire.
Rehearsal dinner.
Marriage license.
Bride’s rings.
Wedding gifts for the bride, best man, groomsmen and ushers.
Flowers for the bride’s bouquet, corsages for the mothers and grandmothers.
Alcohol at reception.
Accommodations for out-of-town groomsmen, ushers and guests.


Wedding gift for the couple.
Bachelor party and/or bachelorette party.
Travel costs.

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