Peace and Joy on the Blanco River

Since the horrific Memorial Day Flood in 2015, we are proud to have been able to host numerous meaningful events at the Wedding Deck on our glorious stretch of the Blanco River.   The Wedding Deck at Old Glory Ranch has been a sacred place to so many people over the past 20 years.

Just days after the tragic flood we were only expecting to see a barren landscape pilled with rubble.  We got as close as possible to the river with a glimmer of hope for our splendid Wedding Deck Tree.

Although our peaceful paradise was unrecognizable, we spotted a hopeful site of some Cypress branches being pounded by the still raging river.  We just knew it was the top of our “Giving Tree.”   Feeling the emotional words of Frances Scott Keyes, “O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming…..”  The swaying branches were so gallantly streaming and ultimately gave proof that our tree was still there!

The Epic Flood changed the landscape of this magical wedding site forever.  However, this magnificent cypress tree has endured an estimated 500 years of weather events to provide a symbol of strength and commitment for so many OGR couples.

We feel very blessed to have been spared this ancient beauty.

As we all learned that night, the river has a mind of its own.  When the Blanco River came ripping through our valley that frightening night, the forceful waters skipped right passed this tiny section of Old Glory Ranch which is so special to so many people.  This was another sign of the sanctification of this tree. What a wonderful foundation this tree provides, as couples exchange vows and begin their married life together.

Surrounded by the few remaining cypress trees, our little piece of heaven is the perfect backdrop for your wedding, baptism, photo shoot or anniversary picnic. Recently, a picturesque baptism began with a blessing in the sparkling waters of the Blanco River.  To the delight of everyone attending, it concluded with the release of doves.   The doves were truly a symbolic gesture of peace with the river.  Also, the sound of the lively flow of water in the background as it makes its way over the smooth rocks is a reminder that water is a symbol of life.

Exactly two years later, with bittersweet reflection, we celebrate and find peace, joy and inspiration on the Blanco River!

Photo Credit:

Anthology Photography & Darcie Westerlund Photography



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